They are calm and gentle birds and can be quite tame and social with humans. WORLD'S BEST TREE FELLING TUTORIAL! Breeding and Incubation: Great Argus hens are good mothers. After all, the elongated quill feathers mean that the male Great Argus is even worse at flying than any other galliforme. The same is true of Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle from 5.2 and 5.4. Hens can lay up to three clutches of 2 eggs per clutch each breeding season if the eggs are taken away. These zones have always been about exploration, with a bit of danger, and Argus fits quite nicely into that theme. The great argus is a brown-plumaged pheasant with a blue head and neck, rufous red upper breast, black hair-like feathers on the crown and nape, and red legs.The male is one of the largest of all pheasants, measuring 160–200 cm (63–79 in) in total length, including a tail of 105–143 cm (41–56 in), and weighing 2.04–2.72 kg (4.5–6.0 lb).

Even when flying was introduced in 2.0, flying was not available on the Isle of Quel’danas when it released in 2.4. Great Argus Pheasant Courtship Dance - Duration: 0:47.

It is also known as Phoenix in some Asian areas. Great argus males are amongst the most unusual and distinctive of all birds, unmistakable with their astoundingly long wing and tail feathers, decoratively adorned with iridescent eye-spots (ocelli) (4). 0:47. Distribution / Range. Reid Park Zoo 9,668 views. In Greek mythology, Argus is a hundred-eyed giant. The Great Argus, Argusianus argus, was named by Carolus Linnaeus for the many eyes-like pattern on its wings.

The elongated secondary wing feathers, important for flight in most other birds, have evolved instead for courtship display in this species, to the detriment of flying ability (5).

Great Argus Pheasants are not difficult to raise in captivity though. From the cock shown here starting his courtship ritual, we can however deduce that in this case sexual selection had become a driver of evolution.

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