The first sign of a caterpillar infestation is missing leaves. What Are Hornworms? Green eggs are laid in clusters on stinging nettles and the spiny, black-and-yellow caterpillars then live together, building a communal silk web and feeding on nearby leaves in order to grow to 30mm long.

2 ¼in, dark or yellowish-green The emperor is everybody’s favourite moth: it’s big and beautiful. It's probably the big green larva of the hawkmoth, and once you have them, it …

Royal and Silkworm Moths. Both species can ruin your tomato crop in record time! Its spiracles (external openings that allow oxygen into the body) are bright orange, rimmed with black. As they grow, they move to new plants and build new webs, leaving old ones full of shed skins. If you’ve ever grown tomatoes, chances are good that you’ve dealt with these green caterpillar pests.There are two main garden pest species, tomato hornworms and tobacco hornworms, which can be found in most regions of the U.S. and in southern Canada. Like the comma caterpillar, young swallowtail caterpillars also look like bird droppings. Caterpillars' period of activity is another clue to their identification. A caterpillar (or larva) is the stage between the egg and the adult during the life cycle of a butterfly or moth (from the insect family: Lepidoptera).Every caterpillar species have specific plants they like to feed on called the "host plant", so knowing the name of the host plant that the caterpillar is on can often help with identifying the critter. Introduced into the United States in 1869, the gypsy moth caterpillar originated in Europe. Close up photos and information about caterpillars found in the UK A black horn-like protrusion juts from its backside, giving its name. Features: A pudgy green caterpillar with v-shaped markings on its sides. So, too, is the mature caterpillar, with its dark or yellowish-green body with transverse bands of black. Eradication: Insecticide, biological control, hand picking, parasitic wasps, weeding to limit egg-laying opportunities; Tomato Pinworm. These guys can eat a leaf right down to the stem, and if enough of them attack a plant they can turn it into a cluster of bare green stems and stalks. When fully formed, the swallowtail caterpillar has a bright green body with black bands, dotted with orange/red spots. Caterpillars' markings are particular enough that you can identify most species quite easily if you get close enough. Emperor moth caterpillar. This species of caterpillar was originally brought to the U.S. as a breeding partner for silk worms.
Now, the gypsy moth caterpillar is a permanent resident in the State of New York and has developed a reputation for defoliation of native trees, such as alder, birch, poplar and willow trees. Appearance: The swallowtail caterpillar is, like its adult butterfly form, a rare and spectacular sight.