The top of the head, sides of the face, and neck are gray. Its fur is generally a brownish smoke-gray, with a dappled pattern of cinnamon-buff. Identification: The Uinta ground squirrel is brown to buff above and has buff undersides. The Wyoming ground squirrel is one of six species of ground squirrels found in Colorado.

Each of the pups weighs about 7.6 – 12 grams. The underside of the tail is buff. However in spring, females mate 3 – 6 days after emergence from the hibernation. The rock squirrel can be found in southern Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, western Texas and the panhandle of Oklahoma. Several species of ground squirrels live in Colorado, including the thirteen-lined, the spotted ground squirrel, the white-tailed antelope squirrel, the grizzled brown rock squirrel and the golden mantled squirrel. Habitat: Sagegrass mountain meadows, valley pastures, cultivated areas and lawns Diet: Omnivore: seeds, green vegetation, invertebrates, some vertebrates Reproduction: The breeding season begins at the end of hibernation in March or April. Female squirrels are thought to mate minutes after they wake up from hibernation. The ground squirrel pups are born naked and they remain in 21 – 35 days. Some tree squirrel species can also be problem pests around homes and gardens where they feed on a variety of nuts and fruits, or cause damage by gnawing on cables and gaining entry into structures. It is also found in Mexico. Not counting prairie dogs, there are six species of ground squirrel in Colorado: Thirteen-lined ground squirrel; Spotted ground squirrel; Golden-mantled ground squirrel; Rock squirrel; White-tailed antelope squirrel; Wyoming ground squirrel; Ground squirrels occur across the state and they make their homes in burrows underground. The California ground squirrels, Otospermophilus beecheyi and Otospermophilus douglasii, are the most common species in and around homes and gardens.The two are usually not referred to as separate species, so in this publication they are referred to as “California ground squirrel” or simply “ground squirrel.” There are several species of ground squirrel in California, but the California ground squirrel is the species most likely to be a pest of landscapes, gardens, and structures. See more ideas about Ground squirrel, Squirrel, Animals. Jul 30, 2018 - Explore ginahollomon's board "Ground squirrel", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. The rock squirrel is a large ground squirrel that is 17-21 inches in length. Three species of tree squirrels are found in Colorado: the rusty red fox squirrel, the Abert's squirrel and the small pine squirrel or chickaree. They attain maturity at 2 – 3 years age. It is mottled gray on its uppersides with a brownish rump and creamy white on its undersides. It has a long bushy tail with white edges. Ground squirrels are troublesome rodent pests for many home gardeners. Formerly called “Richardson’s ground squirrel,” the Wyoming ground squirrel averages 10 to 15 inches long and weighs 9 to 14 ounces as an adult.