In the long run, guano was not beneficial as a fertilizer. The Norie Marine Atlas and Guano Trade exhibition opens in February and closes in January 2017. But, the more companies mined, the less sea birds visited the islands to renew the resource. During the 19th century Guano boom, the vast majority of seabird guano was harvested from Peruvian guano islands. Before arriving, a strong reason for my deciding to visit was the website's statement of accommodating *any* … SIGNIFICANCE OF THE GUANO ISLANDS. Large quantities were also exported from the Caribbean, in the Central Pacific and islands off the coast of Namibia, Oman, Patagonia, and California. This act authorized our nation’s earliest significant annexations of lands beyond the continent. The resulting Guano Islands Act stated that any guano islands unclaimed or unoccupied by others could be claimed and mined, and the guano delivered to the United States at a low price for the benefit of its citizens. The Anderson Intelligencer, Feb 22, 1914. The boom of organic farming has brought Guano back to its splendor. Now that Caneel Bay on St John is closed, we've been searching for our favorite Caribbean snorkeling micro resort. American companies mined huge guano deposits on a number of islands in the Caribbean and Pacific. Guana Island is now at the top of our list. Other guano islands were found in the Caribbean, such as Navassa Island, and some in the Pacific, including Baker and Jarvis islands, although none compared to the Peruvian guano. ISLAND ASIA, CAÑETE, PERU - DECEMBER 2017: A guano worker walks on the old loading dock of Isla Asia. Isla Asia is one of the twenty guano islands of Peru.