Regardless of any one particular goose breed, most geese have a notable reputation for their honking, it is this loud sound behavior that lends them to be desirable guard animals. See more ideas about Goose, Geese breeds, Chickens backyard. While reading The Modern Homesteader’s Guide to Geese, Nielson explains how geese react and if the rumor that they attack all the time is true. Sean Tirman. Let us start by saying this: if you plan on getting a dog, make sure first and foremost that you are willing and able to properly care for one. This geese breed comes from a German city that was famous for exporting them to the regions in England. Oct 4, 2017. African. While a goose’s behavior can be greatly shaped by how it is raised, each breed has distinct traits.

They have been used as a low-tech security solution for centuries, and are still used to protect police stations in China and to patrol prison yards in Brazil. Respect, caring, and kindness are all necessary parts of that equation. Do your part to conserve this heritage breed, and add one of these elegant and easy-to-keep guard geese to your flock or property today! Mar 22, 2020 - Explore terrywiley169's board "Geese", followed by 1081 people on Pinterest. 12 Best Guard Dog Breeds For Protection. Geese have many instinctive traits that make them better guards than either humans or dogs, and all without any special training. In fact, while the guard goose might be awesome at intimidation, they rarely attack full force. They lay about 40 eggs a year. Moreover, it is also a better sitter in comparison to the different breeds of geese. This breed is typically used as meat and grows to about 10-14 pounds at market weight. African geese are on the watch list on the livestock conservancy.

Poultry catalogs sometimes refer to this breed as "Weeder Geese." Like cats, dogs, horses, and chickens, geese come in many different shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Between the various breeds there are many personality differences and selecting the right breed for your farm will make a big difference in your enjoyment of your geese. There are even certain breeds of geese that serve as better guard geese than others, such as the Tufted Roman Goose. One Guard Goose Per Flock. This breed, along with its closely related Chinese goose, are considered great as guard geese.

They are usually raised for guarding as well as meat. In comparison to the Toulouse, the embden breed is a bit smaller and white in color. Breeds of Geese. Selecting the right breed for your farm will help you be … Category: Living. With its long neck and graceful stride, the white Chinese Goose is lovely to look at on either land or water. Turns out this is not true for the majority of geese you raise on your homestead.