How hedgehogs have sex... and other intriguing mating rituals from the animal kingdom. Sneezing • This sound can mean displeasure and uncertainty when it accompanies a puffing sound.

Once mating has taken place, the male dismounts and the pair separate; there are no records of mate guarding in this species, and males don’t play any role in provisioning for the female or her offspring.

Self-Anointing .

Hedgehogs mounting in a garden.

Unfortunately, it is also a common sight squashed on roads and verges, which is a major cause of mortality. By Dr George Mcgavin Updated: 05:07 EDT, 16 February 2011 When hedgehogs are nervous, a balled up hedgehog also may snuffle, huffle or snort. There are no special rituals, the winner finds the female by the smell. • This sound certainly can be a sign of illness, but some hedgehogs are simply trying to have a hedgehog “conversation” with you or are simply checking things out. The male will circle the female for anything up to 2 hours! This is a recording of the call of the hedgehog.

Hedgehogs can self-anoint at a very early age even before their eyes are fully opened. - Credit: Mike Fenton

The hedgehog is unmistakable in its appearance as the only British mammal covered with spines. Males can be quite aggressive towards one another during mating season, and the fights can be rather vicious, with one or more of the hedgehogs causing serious injury and damage.

Even a short playtime together may result in either a fight or a pregnancy.

It is a common visitor to gardens and parks, where they feed mainly on slugs, worms, beetles, and caterpillars. Males are fighting for the female through local battles: biting, pricking with needles and threateningly snuggling at each other.

A young hedgehog can sometimes be paired with an older hedgehog.

While hedgehogs are generally solitary animals, you can cage females together without too much fighting … Males may try and take advantage of females while they're distracted. Had a good root around for answers and was happy to find out it is typical mating behaviour. Hi Kerry!

The hedgehogs dilemma is based upon the apparent danger of a male hedgehog being injured from a spine while mating with a female hedgehog. ANSWER: If you wish to try keeping multiple hedgehogs together, stick with females.

the circling is definitely mating! • This strange sound is part of the mating ritual.

The mating season comes in the spring, after hibernation, or in the summer. Snorting After mating, the pregnancy proceeds on average from 40 to 56 days. i watched a couple in my garden trying to work out if it was a show of aggression (due to all the grunting/snorting) or not! One of the most curious and unique of all hedgehog behaviors is the practice of self-anointing. Male-female pairings are to be avoided except by committed breeders.