How to say hemileia vastatrix in English? Hemileia vastatrix by Shawn Steiman One of the most feared pathogens to coffee growers is Hemileia vastatrix Berk. Hemileia definition is - a genus of rusts (order Uredinales) producing both urediospores and teliospores from a compound spore-bearing stalk. K.P. Diseases of the Foliage. Pronunciation of hemileia vastatrix with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning and more for hemileia vastatrix. Prabhakaran Nair, in The Agronomy and Economy of Important Tree Crops of the Developing World, 2010. and Br. (Uredinales), or the coffee rust fungus.

Other articles where Hemileia vastatrix is discussed: coffee rust: … plants caused by the fungus Hemileia vastatrix. Long known in coffee-growing areas of Africa, the Near East, India, Asia, and Australasia, coffee rust was discovered in 1970 to be widespread in Brazil, the first known infected area in the Western Hemisphere. Foliage diseases like the coffee leaf rust caused by Hemileia vastatrix, leading to leaf shedding and South American Leaf Spot caused by Mycena citricola and also, to some extent, Brown Eye Spot caused by Cercospora coffeicola, have major effects on the plant. The first documentation of this agent appeared in1861.