Finn McMissile is the tritagonist in Cars 2 who is voiced by Michael Caine.. Bio. Finn McMissile is a master British spy. "- Finn's introduction to Mater. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Finn McMissile Main Holley Shiftwell Main Francesco Bernoulli Main Professor Zündapp Main Miles Axlerod Main Cruz Ramirez Main Smokey Main Sterling Silver ... when Lightning's Radiator Springs pit team arrives for the tiebreaker race.

Episode 2:Finn McMissile,Private Eye Episode 3:Knoxville, Tennessee Episode 4:Car Idols Singing Idols Episode 5:The Lemons' Love Affair Episode 6:Killed Upon Arrival Episode 7:The Car With the Golden Gun Episode 8:You Fail,You Die Episode 9:Suspects Down,Spies to Go … This is a gallery of images featuring Finn McMissile. Cars 2 Turntable Finn McMissile "Finn McMissile, British Intelligence.