Pie filling is the level 2 canning, as I call it I started at level 1 of jams then moved on to pie filling one I had the basics down. Peach pie filling is more like a prepared pie. Canning Peach Pie filling is pretty much the same for everyone, the recipe doesn’t vary much unless you’re making a special version or adding other ingredients. The other great thing that I love about homemade canned peach pie filling is that it’s not as hard as you would think. I’ve actually put off canning my own pie filling because I was scared it would be difficult! You can use canned peaches to make peach cobblers, but you need to add ingredients to them to make thick it such as a little flour. Boy, was I wrong! Normally you just pour it into a pie shell and bake or other simple recipes. The hardest part is simply peeling peaches and pitting the peaches! After that, the rest is a breeze! So let’s get into the fun!