Buy a number of different kinds and try to keep to colors that are more realistic, since the idea is to fool the birds. If you don’t want to go to heroic efforts to protect your berries, the simplest solution may... Keep Birds Out with Netting. They are very similar to sonic systems, only different in the fact that most humans are unaware of their emissions. Place stakes in the ground near your plants. Commercial growers also apply sugar syrup to blueberry shrubs.

Some people use decoy owls to keep birds off their berries. ONLY bring them out right when the berries are starting to ripen. There are chemical repellents that are said to keep the birds away, but it sounds like the results are short term – about 3 days post application.

A cheaper solution is... Plant More Than You Need. Ultrasonic systems emit pulses that bother the birds, but humans cannot hear.

Move them around every few days. You can also cover maturing corn ears with paper bags, and lay garden fabric over germinating seedlings to foil the birds. And there you have it. There are other ways to protect blueberries from birds besides netting.

Sonic repellers are extremely effective if they randomize pitch, frequency, timing, and other factors. The streamers will help prevent birds from eating your strawberries, tomatoes, and other garden produce. Lay them out randomly, but make sure they can be seen. Put them away right … Bird netting protects tree fruit and berries if installed two to three weeks before fruit matures. Scare Birds Off With Fake Predators. Tie each strip around a stake.