Best Catfish feed Formula: Factors to consider before formulating your own catfish feed On 05:48:00 By . Some energy ingredient contain high level of fat and oil e.g.
Also, starch is used as binding agent in pellet.

Sample Formulations and Recipes. Wu et al. Feeding charts can be of help to new catfish farmers, but should not be strictly followed especially when locally pelletized feed is involved (i.e. of information on fish nutrition and on how to make and deliver feeds often results in poor quality feed and reduced production and profitability. Sylvester Eze.

It can be used as binding agent in locally pelletized feed.

It can completely replace the inorganic phosphorus supplement if the main feed ingredients provide a minimum of 0.6 percent total phosphorus.

How To Make Homemade Food For Catfish. Tweet . 3) Fats and oils are essential feed ingredients comprising of fatty acid, and they also help in energy delivery in catfish feed. Some of these factors include: This is due to the expensive costs of foreign feeds been used in the country. For any fish farmer who wants to make more profit, making his/her own fish feed should be an integral part of his venture. This understanding will help them control overfeeding, which could be a capital drain in the business. 07033318843, 01-8196630,

The enzyme breaks down the bound form of phosphorus (phytate) in the main feed ingredients, making it available to the fish. In addition, anyone intending to make his/her own fish feeds with unfamiliar ingredients should have them analyzed prior to their use. Making your own homemade catfish food is actually quite simple. Now, it does take a few different ingredients, and yes, it is a fairly messy process, and a bit time consuming too, but definitely not hard. However, most catfish farmers feed their fish once daily to satiation, 7 days a week, during the warmer months. feel free to call, email, or visit our demonstration center @ no 6 enilolobo street,arida b/stp, ikotun lagos. Thus most commercial catfish feeds are manufactured by extrusion. If a particular feed additive will not withstand extrusion, the feed may be manufactured by steam pelleting into a sinking pellet. full-fat soya, Slug GNC, etc. Catfish farmers must be aware of certain factors that affect feed intake in catfishes. pelletizer for making non-floating fish feed, dryers both local and foriegn, digital scales for measurement, and finally fish feed extruders for making floating fish feed that doesn't sink. There are numerous recipes for making fish feeds, and it is beyond the scope of this publication to present them all. sinking feed). Phytase … Currently, no feed additives are used in catfish feeds except the phytase enzyme that is used by some feed mills. Catfish feeds are unique compared to feeds used for terrestrial animals grown for food because catfish feeds must be pelleted, water stable, and generally made to float on the water surface.