Most of the greetings below are used for everyday life conversations, so they might come in handy if you memorize them. good morning, how are you today? How to say Hello in Croatian: halo. Latin Translation. The timing for the afternoon and evening is something different in Croatia and therefore you use different greetings for the daycare.

Cheers! The Croatian for hello my name is is Zdravo moje ime je. Find more Croatian words at! Get your free PDF with 100+ Conversational Croatian Words and Phrases Get the PDF Greetings

Živjeli! (vi -you is not necessary) day/ dobar dan, kako ste danas? is in a formal language, but if it's supposed to be that formal you would never say hello, you would say, good morning, day, or evening... so. 2. Happy Croatian language learning! or if you want an informal question: zdravo, kako si danas? Here's a list of translations. It also is an official regional language in the province of Burgenland in Austria. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. So, you’re fresh in Croatia and you want to learn how to say thank you in Croatian.

Here is the translation and the Croatian word for Say hello to: Reci bok Dictionary Entries near Say hello to. But I was mortified. It’s almost vanished! And it gets even more unusual: many people don't even lock their front doors during the day, especially in … Dobar tek! avete!

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: A, a: [a] Stressed /a/ sounds like the "a" of Spanish or Italian "mano".

dobro jutro, kako ste danas? interjection: Hello! Easily find the right translation for hello from English to Croatian submitted and enhanced by our users. The sales girl wasn’t too worried, processed the transaction without a word and dismissed me with her eyes ready to serve the next customer.

The main daily greetings in Croatian: Other greeting is used for "good day" which in Croatian would be "Dobar dan".
„Pozdrav“ actually became much more common in the last 10 years. How to Say Say hello to in Croatian. Hello …

Bok! Knowing these simple Croatian phrases and words means you’ll be able to say hello and goodbye to anyone you meet, make friends more easily, and seem more approachable to locals. But it is also a friendly gesture – a way of saying you want to be part of the Croatian conversation.. Lucky for you, thank you is a pretty easy Croatian. Saying thank you to a local, and in their own language, is one of the easiest holiday phrases you can learn.