Give them a way to escape. Don’t Run. They don’t bluff. If you see a mountain lion, don't run--that triggers its pounce reflex. There is no reason not to believe you have mountain lions in your area. So any sound you make may ATTRACT them, not deter them. Experts say the best way to avoid a mountain lion attack is to make noise to scare the lion off and try to appear larger than you are. Do not run from a lion. ... if they hear you coming early enough, will move away rather than attack. I was thinking taking an air horn along could possibly be effective if attacked. For more information, visit If you see a mountain lion:Stay calm. Learn how you can help to Save America's Lion by taking steps to secure your home and yard, safeguard your family, and protect your pets and livestock.

In Conclusion… The vast majority of mountain lions are totally non-threatening to humans. Lions are lone hunters and therefore very cautious of getting hurt. Most mountain lions will try to avoid a confrontation At first the lion is crouched down the grass, stealth-like and ready to pounce. Acknowledge that you live in mountain lion country and make a commitment to educate yourself. Do not crouch down or bend over. Did this summary help you? DNA showed it was taken from a Mountain out in Colorado six months earlier. The Repellent Tape adds noise, which is more effective to scare the mountain lion, bobcat, or cougar. well if you don't mind riding with a lil bell or something, noises are best to keep the wildlife away. Just don’t come at it It works on mountain lions too. As far as mountain lions I would think that the attack would be so fast that any defense would be out of despiration. The animal, likely an … Hold your ground or back away slowly. Do not approach a lion.

He stays real quiet, just like a prey animal and turns to run away. Predators are used to this and are far more experienced at chasing down prey. Do not approach a lion. Don’t Run: Turning and running can stimulate a mountain lion’s chase instinct. Never approach a mountain lion especially one that is feeding or with kittens. Some of the recommended methods to keep mountain lions away from your pets and property are installing some frightening devices such as a motion alarm or cold water spraying devices. Whether camping in black-bear-occupied eastern forests or the wide-open west, where brown bears and some grizzlies still roam, outdoor enthusiasts must learn how to scare away a bear if the situation arises. This will scare away any cougar lurking around. Heres some great footage of a mountain lion straying too close to a backyard with some dogs in it! Do your part, keep them wild. Many large mammals charge more often than not as a bluff, a show of dominance to clear you out of an area or keep you away from others of it’s herd. How To Scare a Mountain Lion. Face the lion and stand upright. Do not let your children go out alone while camping, because Mountain lions take a special liking to the young. For tips on how to stay calm when you encounter a lion, keep reading. And much closer to the one found just East of Penn. They stalk. Never turn your back on either and it’s a good idea to carry bear spray or a gun as a last resort. The jolts and loud sounds keep most predators away. As Mountain lions tend to go after those separated from the pack, so to say. The house across the creek from us raises sheep. As territorial creatures, lions have large ranges. I think the problem is that a mountain lion can jump 15 to 18 feet high so our measley 8ft fences aren't much of an obstacle. Let’s say it’s too late to avoid an encounter. Mountain lions sound a bit scary — like something that we need Chuck Norris around to keep us safe from — but most of the time they’re just trying to get away from us. Carefully (and while minimizing any crouching) pick up children and put them on your shoulders. If you live or vacation in an area patrolled by mountain lions, you should take precautions - recommended by authorities - that can reduce your risk of attack on you and your family as well as your livestock and/or pets. Mountain Lions are so scared of humans that the sound of talk radio sends them running 'Fraidy cats. Mountain lions may really be more scared of you than you are of them. Read on. Most mountain lions will try to avoid a confrontation. The Scarecrow is simple to use, safe and inexpensive, but not yet proven to scare off mountain lions. Mountain lions are least at risk when they live far from people, pets & livestock.