View comprehensive account history, search transactions and payments, examine well-known accounts, analyze XLM and Stellar Network performance.

Explore detailed stats, price history, and analytic reports for all assets on Stellar Network. Here's a quick tutorial to get you started. Install the app on the Nano S using the Ledger Manager.. Open the Stellar App and go to Settings > Browser support to enable Browser support. Network Backbone: Stellar Core. Good news! The Stellar Core software does the hard work of validating and agreeing with other instances of Core on the status of every transaction through the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). The ledger becomes a global marketplace for offers. In Horizon, you will only encounter XDR when posting and getting transactions and in the ledger header.. Each server stores a ledger of all the accounts in the network. The Stellar ledger is able to store offers that people have made to buy or sell currencies. C Stellar SDK (unofficial)¶ c_stellar_sdk is an unofficial header-only lightweight pure C library to interface with the Stellar Horizon API server, suitable for doing high-performance analytics on Stellar data.. Stellar is an open source, ... Servers run a software implementation of the protocol, and use the Internet to connect to and communicate with other Stellar servers. Securely manage your assets on-the-go with the Ledger Nano X and keep the Ledger Nano S for at-home use or in a safe storage as a backup device. All these offers form what is called an orderbook. Free shipping. Stellar is a platform that lets you send and receive any kind of currency. It's intended to be a C port of js-stellar-sdk, but it also provides custom helpers for getting financials (eg. In the Stellar network, transactions are encoded using a standardized protocol called External Data Representation (XDR).. time series for price and volume). The Stellar app is now available from the Ledger Store!

Offers are public commitments to exchange one type of credit for another at a pre-determined rate. Open source financial inclusion and education. This pack contains a Ledger Nano X and a Ledger Nano S to ensure optimal protection and crypto management. When you post a transaction, a client will encode the transaction as XDR before submitting it to Horizon. There is an orderbook for each currency/issuer pair.