Click Here to See Our 1.5 kW Gen Set in Action By adding the IC engine and DC generator with the conventional drone you can build a hybrid drone. The continuous output power of this generator is 2400w, and it is suitable for high payload or working at high altitude. Keeping the operation of electric drive flexible according to adopting Electric drive rotor. 2400w Hybrid Generator NOVA-2400 generator system is a high efficiency, high output and very light generator system designed for multicopters and VTOL Fixedwings. GAIA 160 Elite Pro 2400W Hybrid Drone Hybrid Drone Application Case Flight Video of the GAIA Series Hybrid Drone. The charging time alone will be taking more time due to which you cannot do continues flying. Our 1.5 kW hybrid electric UAV gen set (with an associated LaunchPoint smart battery pack) is a be a plug-and-play hybrid power source replacement for small multi-rotor UAVs that will increase endurance up to 1.5 hours from the present 20 minutes pure electric on a large battery pack. First Report for Hybird UAV sea-crossing Flight; GAIA 160 and Bumblebee Hybrid crossing Sea bay notification; 2000W NOVA Generator System-Heart for Hybrid UAV; NOVA generator equipped with silencer FLY2400 generator is only 4.2kg which is much lighter than any other generators that produce 2400w output power, so FLY2400 generator is five times the efficiency of other generators. Oil electric hybrid EFI multi rotor Ql1200 adopts advanced integrated power technology of gasoline engine with generator, which organically combines oil power and electric power. The high energy of fuel is retained through the oil power generation.

In conventional drone lipo batteries are used as a power source where you need to charge for every particular time period.

Hybrid Power System for drone FLY2400 generator is a high efficiency generator designed for multicopters. The continuous power output of generator is 2000w. Specifications Max Payload: 3kg Diagonal Wheelbase: 1425mm Propeller Size: 30" All-Up Weight (No Payload): 13kg (No Fuel) / 15kg (With 2.5L Fuel) Max Take-Off Weight: 18kg Max Speed: 15m/s Flight Time: 3 hours (4L Fuel) Max Flight Time: 5 hours Voltage: 48V Fuel Tank: 4.3L