More than 3,000 green iguanas have been spotted in Southeast Florida alone since the Center for Invasive Species at the University of Georgia started tracking sightings in 2005. New Florida laws address sea level, algae, pythons, iguanas. Iguanas falling from trees Jump to media player As temperatures drop in Florida more and more iguanas are plummeting to the ground.

A Florida Keys iguana caused a bicycle crash on Friday in Marathon, according to police. SUN FILE PHOTO BY LIZ HARDAWAY Yes, you read that correctly. Pardon the American iguanas residing in sunny Florida for not feeling very patriotic on this Fourth of July.

Experts believe the Florida heat provides the right situation for the iguanas to thrive and breed, Elina Shirazi reports. As of this week, it is illegal to own, breed or sell the tegu or the green iguana in Florida except for educational programs or existing permits.

Though tegus can achieve reproductive maturity by 2 years, the tegu can grow up to 4 feet long once it hits 5 years old. Tuesday afternoon, the National Weather Service in Miami issued a rare forecast regarding cold temperatures but it was for iguanas. According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, iguanas can lay up to 76 eggs per year, and grow to more than five feet in length. Iguanas File this under Florida Keys problems. A Florida Keys man was injured after an iguana darted in front of his bicycle and got caught between the front tire and wheel fork, causing him to crash.