phr. in this vein. phr.
antonyms. Vain, vein, and vane; Vain is an adjective meaning (1) excessively pleased with one’s own appearance or accomplishments, (2) not yielding the desired outcome, and (3) pointless. along the same lines.

definitions. Spelling Book > Confusing words index > vain vs. vane vs. vein. VS. phrases. examples. This means that vein and vain have the same pronunciation, but their meaning is different and they also belong to different parts of speech.

in this same vein. phr.

Similar, like, alike; related.Adverb (not comparable) 2. The words ‘vain’, ‘vane’ and ‘vein’ are homophones – words that differ in spelling and meaning but are pronounced the same.. To avoid mixing them up in your writing, though, all you need to do is check out our guide about how to use these words correctly.. Annoyingly, all of these words exist in British English. Vain (Egoistic or Pointless) ‘Vain’ is an adjective. VS. Vane Definition: mechanical device attached to an elevated structure; rotates freely to show the direction of the wind. Is it vain, vane or vein?

similar meaning - 24 Lists. The problem is that when used, these idioms are usually used as a comparison. And in the same vein there is a need to do away with corruption, a public disease, nepotism, favouritism, racism and other administrative deterring activities. suggest new. Word Choice: Vain, Vane or Vein? in a similar vein. Log in. Top synonyms for in that same vein (other words for in that same vein) are in this same vein, in a similar vein and in this vein.

Vain Definition: characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance . Chief executive Andrew Coppel said the year had continued in the same vein as last year and remained difficult, especially in Europe. Parts of speech. These two words can be confusing for students because they are homophones. Confusing Words. This lesson explains the difference between VEIN and VAIN: illustrations, definitions, examples, tips, practice story, final quiz, and answers. Vain This is an adjective which means ‘not achieving the desired outcome’, ‘futile’, ‘unsuccessful’, ‘lacking substance or worth’, ‘hollow’ and ‘fruitless’. phr.
synonyms. It’s also used in the idiom in vain, meaning to no avail or in an irreverent manner (as in taking the Lord’s name in vain). VS. along the same vein May 16, 2016 yanira.vargas The expressions “in the same vein” and “along the same line” mean the same thing (“on the same subject”), but those who cross-pollinate them to create the hybrid “along the same vein” sound a little odd to … Examples: vain about her clothes. in-the-same-vein definition: Adjective (not comparable) 1.

Examples: vane blades.

in that same vein / synonyms. "In the same vein" (almost none in comparison to the others) "Along a similar vein" This aligns closer to my gut feelings. They do, however, have different meanings and are commonly mixed up. by the same token.