Interesting Tiger snake Facts: Tiger snake can reach 3 to 7 feet in length.

Belly is usually yellow or orange-colored. The tiger snake is included in the family of the Elapidae, a group of large venomous snakes that live in tropical and subtropical regions in many parts of the world..

This includes terrestrial species in Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas. Some tiger snakes lack stripes. Check out our awesome range of animal facts for kids and learn some fun trivia about our friends in the animal kingdom. A tiger snake on a rock in Wandong State Forest / Source 2. I really like tigers and reptiles, so today I am writing about mainland tiger snakes.

Read on and enjoy a variety of interesting information about snakes. Color of tiger snake depends on the habitat. Today is my birthday. Mainland tiger snakes come in a wide range of colours. The fear of snakes (ophiophobia or herpetophobia) is one of the most common phobias worldwide.Approximately 1/3 of all adult humans are ophidiophobic, which suggests that humans have an innate, evolutionary fear of snakes. Individuals vary widely in color and are known to be timid in nature as they generally retreat in case of a human encounter. Fun Snake Facts for Kids. Learn about snake skin, snake charming, snake anatomy and much more.

Tiger snake is a large venomous species found in southern parts of Australia. Dorsal side of the body can be brown, black, grey and yellow colored and covered with alternate dark and light stripes.

Males are larger than females. Tiger snakes known predators include the small-eyed snake (Cryptophis nigrescens) and birds of prey such as harriers, goshawks, butcherbirds, ibises, kookaburras and kites. They are a distinct species with many subspecies.

On some of the darker snakes, the tiger stripes that… [9] The top 5 most venomous snakes in the world are the inland taipan, the eastern brown snake, the coastal taipan, the tiger snake, and the black tiger snake. Here are five interesting facts about them: These beautiful snakes grow up to 1.6 metres long. Check out our range of fun snake facts for kids.