You can view your work as text, note cards on a cork board, or an outline. 1MIN 56SEC. An Introduction to Scrivener for Windows 1.x This is everything you need to know to get up and running with Scrivener 1.x for Windows in ten minutes. This training is provided by Literature & Latte, creators of Scrivener. Everything you need to craft your first draft. On Saturday, October 5th, local writer Melissa Stevens will present “Introduction to Scrivener” at 11:00 a.m. at the Main Library. 9MIN 58SEC. PREVIOUS Scrivener's Core Concepts. Ring-binder. ... An Introduction to Scrivener. Scrivener might be the answer! Scrapbook. Typewriter. NEXT

Scrivener is a virtual notebook, compiling all the stuff you need for a project — chapters and scenes, but also previous drafts, deleted scraps, and research material — in one convenient place. Scrivener is a software program for writing with more organization and options than a word processor. There is no charge to attend. Facebook Twitter. Everything you need to know to get up and running with Scrivener in ten minutes.