For example, you might rent a 2006 Bobcat mini excavator for $1,800 per month with the option to buy the machine for $30,000 when the rental agreement expires. Cost to Buy Mini Excavator vs Rental/ Lease? Ever-Joy Rent All. Our large excavators can be used for any construction project. ToolFlex One price, all the tools you need. Find Stores Delivery & Pickup* 7 Days a Week

When you partner with the Cat Rental Store, you'll benefit from a variety of options in excavator or trackhoe rentals available with the work tool attachments suited to your applications. Rent from the most modern fleet of excavators at guaranteed rates.

Page 1 of 11. Rental Protection Plan Coverage for your rentals. The time and labor for maintenance and repair are dramatically less than that of a large excavator. Sort by location, manufacturer, model, and daily/weekly/monthly rental price. Having the right equipment for the job is critical to performance and operational efficiency. Mini Excavator Rental Average Cost. How much does a mini-excavator weigh? ... anywhere, manage rental scheduling, digital fleet management, and more. The Home Depot® Rental provides large equipment, tools, trucks and trailers at more than 1,100 convenient locations. This is a good way to "test run" a machine you are considering purchasing. ; Save Money - you'll get prices on mini excavator rentals from a few of the top companies in your area.

Save Time and Money on Mini Excavator Rentals. When you are working on a large project, the right tools can make all the difference. Skid steers, excavators, dump trailers, tractors, lifts and shredders are just some of the types of heavy equipment we offer to help you with whatever the job requires.

Holding other factors constant, rental prices for the various mini excavator makes and models are relatively lower. We have divided our fleet of mini excavators by weight. On average, a mini excavator will cost you between $206 and $625 a day to rent. Silica …

Despite the model, type or size of the excavator you need, the actual rental cost will depend on several other factors. Note that this is only on a daily rent. What can a mini excavator do?

Technology Integrations Integrations, API's, EDI, and more. By comparison, our smallest standard size excavator weighs 44,000 lbs. Read on to see what jobs could benefit from a mini excavator. What Are the Top Excavator Manufacturers? One can purchase a mini excavator that has a dig depth of around 5 to 7 feet for $25,000. The Home Depot Rental offers 4-hour, 24-hour, weekly and monthly mini excavator rentals in select Home Depot locations across the U.S. and Canada. If you plan to rent out an excavator, the daily rate would be at $900 to $1750 while a weekly rate could go from $2250 up to $4650. Mini Excavator Rental. Buying a new mini excavator will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $90,000, with an average price in the $30,000-$40,000 range. Duke Rentals carries Kubota mini excavators… Currently, the cost to rent a mini excavator for a day would range from $206 up to $625.

Read on to see what jobs could benefit from a mini excavator.

Cable-operated excavators use winches and steel ropes to make the same movements. Mini excavators are much more cost effective to operate. Call 604-334-3642 to Rent.

View available BOBCAT Mini (Up To 12,000 Lbs) Excavators For Rent. and our largest has an operating weight of 18,000 lbs. Some rental agreements come with options to buy. Keep in mind that if you buy a mini excavator, you will also need to pay … There are a ton of great excavator … Excavator Rentals for All Your Applications.