Mrs Chamberlain was nursing Azaria, speaking to Mr and Mrs Lowe.

Mrs Chamberlain then took Azaria and Aidan back to their tent area. Aidan and Azaria were with them, but Reagan was already in the tent asleep in his sleeping bag. If Azaria Chamberlain was still alive, she would have celebrated her 32nd birthday yesterday. “(1)” = names inferred, but total name not given. LINDY CHAMBERLAIN (ARCHIVE AUDIO): ... Now it seems a Melbourne pensioner Frank Cole may be the only person still alive who saw Azaria's body after she'd disappeared. MICHAEL CHAMBERLAIN. “s/a” = see also.

January 16, 2017: Many younger Adventists may not remember Michael and Lindy Chamberlain, in spite of the news coverage and the film that made their story familiar to those of us who were alive at that time.. Lindy and Michael Chamberlain arrive at court in Sydney on 1 January 1987. Mr and Mrs Chamberlain were in this area shortly prior to 8.00pm, preparing their evening meal.

FINAL emails from Michael Chamberlain reveal his private pain after the marriage breakdown to Lindy and his daughter’s death. The plot thickened even more when it was reported on the TV show 'A current affair' in July 2004 that Azaria could still be alive and Lindy was investigating a claim that a fair skinned woman in her twenties was living with Aborigines in the central Australian desert. Image: Twitter.

Much like Lindy Chamberlain had called out into the night that a dingo had taken her baby, upon finding her daughter had gone missing from her bedroom while she’d been dining in a nearby restaurant, Kate McCann pounded the streets, screaming: “They’ve taken her.” Lindy Chamberlain with her nine-week-old daughter Azaria. The Lindy Chamberlain Story 21 Index to the Lindy Lindy Chamberlain Story The following index was prepared by a friend fri end who felt the coverage of the Lindy Chamberlain story was complete enough that it deserved a careful index.

The story: a young Adventist pastoral couple are camping at Uluru / Ayers Rock, a popular Australian tourist spot, in August of 1980, when a wild dog snatches their infant daughter, Azaria. Michael Chamberlain, now 66, has also re-married.He wed Ingrid Bergner in 1994 and they have a daughter Zahra, now 13.. Michael has written three books - Beyond Azaria: Black Light White Light, Cooranbong, first town in Lake Macquarie 1826-1996 and his third book Beyond Ellen White: Seventh … “1/1” = page 1, column 1, etc. On August 17, 1980 the Chamberlain family went camping at Ayres Rock. Megan Palin @megan_palin January 10, 2017 1:07pm