Hatchling Care: Hatchling Jacky Dragons are very small when they are young (2-3 centimeters in body length). All reptiles need to have a cool end and a hot end, so they can regulate their body temperature. For substrate, I use washed river sand.

Lizards, it seems, have a fancy for television, when the programming suits their tastes.

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Although often passed by in favor of more brightly colored lizards, the sheltopusik, or Eurasian glass lizard, Ophisaurus (Pseudopus) apodus, makes an interesting, hardy and responsive pet.One formerly under my care at NYC’s Staten Island Zoo is approaching 30 years of … Care Sheet #001 Keeping Jacky Dragons Keeping Jacky Dragons Enclosure Jacky Lizard during our observations either 1) did not detect or 2) chose not to pursue Bibionid flies further than 30 cm away due to the regularity of prey within 30 cm, ... (Melabolic Bone Disease), which can either lead to the lizard being very sick or maybe even deying. Once the eggs hatch, I put all the hatchlings into a 2ft long (60cm) melamine tank. While all care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this page, primary sources should always be consulted for definitive information. Muricated Lizard, sometimes called Jacky Lizard (Amphibol-urus muricatus, described as Lacerta muricata). Jacky’s are one of the medium sized types of dragons, and was one of the first Australian species to be described. Animals have an endearing habit of disobeying the rules, so the information on this page should be interpreted with a degree of flexibility. Australian biologists have found that male Jacky dragons, Amphibolurus muricatus, can get just as riled by videos of aggressive territorial males as by the real thing. The Jacky Lizard or Dragon is a fairly common inhabitant of woodland along the coast and ranges of southeastern Australia. The dark patches are interrupted by pale blotches that often blend together to form a continuous stripe from above the arm to the groin.

species: Amphibolurus muricatus | Jacky Lizard Date: 2018-02-05 State: Australian Capital Territory Institution: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Collection: Australian National Wildlife Collection Basis of record: Preserved specimen Catalogue number: Reptiles:R12072 View record Jacky’s belong to a family of dragons the Genus Amphibolurus which has several subspecies, A great small dragon for the novice herper It is fairly common around Canberra, where this this one was filmed. It can be found on the sand dunes of the east coasts foreshores and mountains close to the coast.