Eurasian otter in Britain. Photo by: Catherine Trigg. How to say sea otter in Japanese Japanese Translation シーオッター Shīottā More Japanese words for sea otter 猟虎 noun Lièhǔ sea otter Find more words! Japanese River Otter Facts Because the Japanese River Otter has gone from numbers once in the millions to thirty years without a spotting, in 2012, the species joined the list of extinct animals. Two years afterwards, a baby sea otter debuted in Mie's Toba Aquarium, when the aquarium was visited by 2 million people nearly triple the number in normal years (80 As of River Otter Sea Otter Otter Cartoon Otter Love Japanese Toys Cool Pets Otters Anime Couples Cute Drawings 鍵条漆@こつめってぃLINE絵文字販売中 on Twitter “先日のイラス … The Japanese river otter was a subspecies of the Eurasian. These river otters did very well until the 1930's, when their numbers went down drastically. The Japanese Sea Lion and Japanese River Otter have been declared extinct for decades but rare sightings are still reported. Sea otter was first introduced in Japan back in 1982. Otter Cartoon Otter Love Turning Japanese Kawaii Things Illustration Art Illustrations Sea Otter Otters Cute Drawings Media Tweets by 鍵条漆@こつめってぃLINE絵文字販売中 (@kagijouurushi) Japanese Travel Japanese Toys River Otter Sea Otter Otter Cartoon Cuddle Party Significant Otter Baby Animals Cute Animals 鍵条漆@こつめってぃLINE絵文字販売中 on Twitter “引越し蕎麦をたかりに来るカワウソ 他。