So much so we didn't think there were many fish around. When a fish bites, the trigger releases the bent fishing rod so it can snap up and set the hook. Share this post. Jaw Jacker. To get this video I just sent a GoPro down to watch what would go on while I had a Jaw Jacker They come in to inspect, but often turn away if it moves just at the wrong time. When you hook a fish with the JawJacker; take the rod from the rod holder, move the JawJacker off the hole, and reel the fish in. Link to post Share on other sites. Ok, so from my last experience, the jaw jacker was legal. This was a super slow day. Also works good for perch and crappie. The JawJacker Tapp Crankbait is a flat sided crankbait with a coffin bill that has a very tight action. Might even work good for Lake Trout or Walleye. Hey everyone I have seen a bunch of these Jaw Jacker tip ups for ice fishing on youtube and its like an auto hook setter type rig. I seem to lose half the ones I hook on my own line, never mind one that is sitting dead stick on its own. That was until I reviewed the footage later and saw many fish swim by without even giving notice to the bait. Link to post Share on other sites. In the video you will see underwater shots where they don't seem to interested by the stationary Jaw Jacker and then all of a sudden will just come and eat it. Jaw Jacker Ice Rod 31″ MH Spinning Trout/Walleye Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Home | Message Board | Information | Classifieds | Features | Video | Boat Reviews | Boat DIY Jawjacker handmade balsa crankbaits. _____ There's something wrong with that rod. Recommended for use with 6-10 lb test line and it will set jigs up to 1/8 oz well with the JawJacker. I have only … The JawJacker is a new ice fishing device that is designed to help ice fishermen catch more fish. It has a bend in it!!! JawJacker Ice Rod 31″ MH Spinning Trout/Walleye $25.99 This rod is a good all purpose JawJacker rod. It has a battery operated jigging set up. All of our baits are hand cut on specially designed machines built by myself and then painted and assembled … Legal ????? Shop Jawjacker Enterprises Inc JawJacker Ice Rod Trout/Walleye 714439012014 at Top . The Fishing Doctors Adventures YouTube: Underwater Walleye Behavior while ice fishing using a Jaw Jacker. Rigby, Idaho | 208-745-8068 | | Designed by Minkism Inc. To get this video I just sent a GoPro down to watch what would go on while I had a Jaw Jacker set up. 2015 Ice Fishing Guide. Seems like a pretty cool set up, are they legal ... walleye and lakers the rest of the time. Last visit was: Tue Jun 23, 2020 3:28 pm: It is currently Tue Jun 23, 2020 3:28 pm Often they will come in and hit the jigging rod and not hook up and Bam the jaw Jacker would go off. Seen at Cabelas. Report post; Posted January 28, 2015. yes they are legal. NOW Thy have a new addition to it. This is a new JawJacker Handmade Crankbaits - Tapp - Custom Balsa Crankbait. This crankbait is 2 3/4" long and will dive 8 to 10 feet. This crankbait comes through rock and wood very well. bandrus1 132 bandrus1 132 132 3,282 posts; Posted December 28, 2012. looks cool. So after a few missed strikes I came up with the flasher jig and minnow combination with two stinger hooks. And the med light rod is just right for 13-16″ trout. In MD I used bull minnows on a treble with the same med light rod. Walleye Master: Joined: Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:05 pm Posts: 1971 I seen this advertised in the latest edition of In-Fisherman magazine. In CO I used small tungsten jigs tipped with waxies on a med light rod. I started using the Jaw Jacker last year for walleye works great when used along side a jigging rod. Walleye 9 Post subject: Re: Jaw Locker. Minnesota is the only place that we have found where it is illegal to use the JawJacker out of all the states and provinces in North America that have ice fishing. Where as they seem more intrigued by the slight motion from the Jigging Jaw Jacker. © 2020 JawJacker LLC. Share this post. This winter I was determined to catch a walleye on a JawJacker, but I knew it might be a challenge. So ,unmanned rod,jigging. The trigger is very sensitive and can detect light bites. Posted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:04 pm . Seems to take all the fun out of the sport if you as me. Underwater Walleye Behavior while ice fishing using a Jaw Jacker. 4.1K likes. Jaw Jacker General Discussion. The jawjacker has a hair trigger, which works well with a small, single hook jig (most of my trout are hooked firmly on the front lip). It says in the ad that it is legal in all Canadian Provinces.