Sometimes those raising sheep for meat won't even consider milking them, the same goes for those raising sheep for milk, some won't consider them for meat, but this breed can easily be dual-purpose.

Katahdin Sheep The Katahdin is a heavy muscled, medium sized, easy-care meat type sheep. Fowlerville, MI 48836 . Katahdin lambs are born alert and are up searching for mother’s milk right away. The idea of cross breeding different breeds is designed to take the best qualities from each breed and cross them together to make a better, more durable breed of sheep. Our goal is to breed an easy care sheep that is structurally correct, has great mothering instincts, ewes that can keep con The average birth weight of twins is 8 pounds. The Katahdin breed was developed by Michael Piel in the late 1950’s.

He says the ewes are excellent mothers and don't reject multiple lambs. Our sheep at Valhalla live on pasture year around and have excellent maternal abilities, lamb unassisted, and raising their lambs with no supplementation. Katahdin Sheep For Sale, We at LC Ranch are a small farm in nestled in North Western corner of Pennsylvania (Union City, PA).

Perceived “assets” of Katahdin Hair Sheep 1. They are now a truly “dual-purpose” animal. Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. The purpose of the breed is to efficiently produce meat." The Suffolk and other wooled breeds were used to improve size and carcass quality. Katahdin sheep can lamb out of season, since they’re not driven by the seasons as much as wool sheep.

"The Katahdin breed is a wooless, easy care, meat type sheep, naturally tolerant of climatic extremes and capable of high performance in a wide variety of environments. Rams usually range in weight from 180 to 250 lbs. © COPYRIGHT, 2020 Sheep, too, have had a history of diversification and specialization. The easy care sheep are a three way cross between Dorper, Katahdin, and Romanov. The Dorper is highly adaptable and does well in harsh conditions. Some sheep breeds don't need shearing! Characteristics of the Katahdin Sheep Breed: • Single purpose breed (no wool) • Excellent quality, gourmet, mild flavored meat • No shearing • Hardy moderate size sheep that thrive on forages • Excellent mothers • Easy lambing (can lamb unassisted, outside on pasture) • Vigorous lambs (by day two you can’t catch the little rascals!) In most parts of the world this diversification has been restricted to the point that most types of sheep are bred for the production of meat and wool only.

The goal was to produce a hardy meat sheep that did not require shearing.

Sometimes those raising sheep for meat won’t even consider milking them, the same goes for those raising sheep for milk, some won’t consider them for meat, but this breed can easily be dual-purpose. They exhibit a natural tolerance of climatic extremes and are capable of high performance in areas that vary in geography, temperature, and humidity, as well as feed and forage systems. Single purpose, meat production 2. They have been raised for meat, milk, wool and even for fur and fat. The do not need to be shorn and are very parasite resistant. We celebrate Katahdin sheep and all of the producers, past and present, who have contributed to the growth and success of our breed. Ruling Year 2009.

Katahdin sheep are considered "hair sheep" and there's no shearing required. He and his wife raise Katahdins near Fayetteville, Arkansas.