Katie, labeled The Sweet Girl, is a minor character in Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour.. She was a camper on Total Drama Island, and was a member of the Screaming Gophers before switching to the Killer Bass.

This article focuses on the interactions between Katie and Sadie.
I have emailed the voice actor for Izzy, Katie Crown, as you all know (or should). During the prison flick movie, the Screaming Gaffers won for the first time, this was also the first reward challenge, their reward was announced in the first TDA aftermath, it was Katie. Most of you do not know about this, but we are in an middle of a situation concerning a third interview.

17 images of the Total Drama Action cast of characters. Katie didn't make it into Total Drama Action, I'm not sure why, I deffinantly deserved to be in there more than Eva and Noah! Katie, labeled The Gossip Girl, was a camper on Total Drama Island and was on the Killer Bass, where she was eliminated in Who Can You Trust?.She did not compete in Total Drama Action, however she did appear as a commentator for the Aftermath Show.She debuted in Total Drama World Tour in Niagara Brawls after winning the Battle of the Underdogs challenge.

Katie and Sadie were introduced to the island as Best Female Friends For Life, (BFFFL's) and were extremely alike.
Ms.Crown has agreed to this interview. Katie Crown is an actress and writer, known for Storks (2016), Bob's Burgers (2011) and Clarence (2013). They met in their childhood and were inseparable friends since then. Katie's new outfit - TDI VaultMan 310 55 Total Drama Katie - Lollipop Girl EvaHeartsArt 150 7 Commission #16 Katie and the mirror Pamehameha 65 24 TD Cherry Bon Bon Management - Katie Galactic-Red-Beauty 89 83 Summer Time Commission - Katie EvaHeartsArt 187 16 Katie qMargot 152 13 Katie's Sweater - Commission EvaHeartsArt 206 22 Total Drama Stamp: Katie GolnazElectric 5 0 Katie … Photos of the Total Drama Action (Show) voice actors. She does not compete in Total Drama Action or Total Drama World Tour, but appears on the Total Drama Aftermaths of both seasons as a …