Earth observation techniques have provided information … 3 yrs after Kedarnath tragedy, number of deaths yet to be ascertained; This story is from June 15, 2016. On 5 years of Kedarnath Floods, a ground report on what locals have to say. Kedarnath is a town in the Indian state of Uttarakhand , which has gained importance because of Kedarnath Temple.It is a Nagar Panchayat in Rudraprayag district.The most remote of the four Chota Char Dham sites, Kedarnath is located in the Himalayas, about 3,583 m (11,755 ft) above sea level.Situated near the arun Glacier, the source of the Mandakini river river, it is flanked by snow … 2013 kedarnath tragedy Deaths in Uttarakhand tragedy could have been prevented: Uma Bharti Loss of lives in the Uttarakhand tragedy was a result of "human error" which could have been averted if some steps had been taken in time. People still cry after remembering that horrific tragedy. Because Kedarnath town in Uttarakhand was the most affected area during the 2013 flash floods in North India. This is also clear from an early 1882 Geological Survey of India photograph of Kedarnath (Picture 2), which shows that the temple site is located not far away from the snouts of two mountain glaciers. These included shops, hotels and homes, … Multiple agencies involved in the search and rescue operations in flood-ravaged Uttrakhand completed completed their work in Kedarnath on Thursday. Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 If we talk about Kedarnath Flood Story, then what comes in mind first is disaster and tragedy. What caused the Kedarnath tragedy? The region around Kedarnath is known to geologists to be prone to landslides. What really happened on 16th evening through next 12 h till final deluge on 17th morning has been a subject of speculation due to lack of sufficient eye witness and monitoring system. The Resulting Devastation has killed over 500 and over 73000 people are trapped at various places because of damaged or blocked roads. Kedarnath was devastated on 16th evening–17th morning (June 2013) due to landslides and flash floods that killed more than 5000 people in Uttarakhand. Instead of mourning the countless deaths, many god-believers are now getting deep into the euphoria because they’ve heard that a rock on the mountain prevented the Kedarnath temple from getting washed away during the horrifying flood.. The dam breached, releasing massive floodwaters, causing enormous destruction in the Kedarnath valley area. The massive floods at Kedarnath have left behind a trail of death and destruction in the entire valley stretching from the temple town to Gaurikund. The Kedarnath tragedy has completed five years today. The incidents of rains, floods and landslides on the 16 th and 17 th June 2013 caused a huge devastation in the districts of Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Bageshwar, Almora and Pithoragarh.Due to the calamity, Uttarakhand suffered huge losses in life and property. In June 2013 torrential rain accompanied by Flash Floods and Landslides lead to massive devastation in the Pilgrimage Town of Kedarnath which is situated at an height of 3438m among the peaks of Himalayas.