There isn't too much swimming going on in Key West anyway, the beaches are usually closed due to high fecal bacteria content in the water. Are there crocodiles/alligators in and around the waters of Key West? 7 talking about this. Here's a bit more from the Key West Citizen from yesterday. They reside in the Key West Aquarium to further the education of one of Florida’s most important and well represented predators. Alligators and crocodiles are in different families. Report inappropriate content Related: What are the most popular tours in Key West? Their eyes, ears and nostrils are located on the top of its head which as an apex predator (at the top of the In the 1970s the American Crocodile was listed as an endangered species, with a population estimated at 300 individuals, all in the Ever - glades andhere. !

crocodiles of Jamaican origin. While their predatory habits influence many other species, it is their habit of constructing “gator holes” -- which become habitat for other species -- that leads scientists to classify them as a keystone species.

I suspect the cruise … There were fewer than 200 when the American Crocodile was listed as endangered on the federal Endangered Species List in the 1970s.

Crocodile Rocks at Smather’s Beach Key West Crocodile Smather’s Beach State wildlife officials do not plan relocate a crocodile that has been hanging around Smather’s Beach, but instead warning people to stay away from and not feed or harass the federally protected reptile. What’s the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? Saltwater crocodiles are beginning to show up (especially on the bay side) in canals and on beaches from Key Largo all the way to Key West! West-African crocodiles are reptiles with long and scaly bodies, short limbs and long powerful muscular tails. As of May 2014, he is 272.2 cm total length. キーウェスト (Key West) は、アメリカ合衆国 フロリダ州 モンロー郡に位置する都市である。 フロリダ半島から南西に伸びるフロリダ・キーズ諸島の西端の キーウェスト島 (英語版) に位置する。 同市はハワイ州とアラスカ州を除くアメリカ合衆国本土48州で最南端の都市である。 American alligators inhabit lakes, ponds, rivers and swamps throughout the southeastern United States.

I don’t want to read about another Disney World incident happening, bc people were not informed of the danger that is now lurking in SALTWATER in Florida !!