Lake Ejagham is a small, shallow lake in Cameroon, West Africa, which supports five endemic species of cichlid fishes in two distinct lineages. Public Aquarists and the Haplochromine Cichlids of Lake Victoria, Africa. Suche. Fishermen in Busamuzi and Buwooya sub counties in Buvuma district are living in fear following an invasion of crocodiles that have lately been roaming the shorelines of Lake Victoria in their area. It is a "younger" lake than the other two and though it is also very large it is not a deep rift lake. Genetic evidence suggests a relatively young age for the species flocks, but supporting geologic evidence has thus far been unavailable. 18,000–15,000 years ago. Genetic Structure of Pelagic and Littoral Cichlid Fishes from Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is one of the great lakes of Africa. Mitochondrial Phylogeny of the Endemic Mouthbrooding Lineages of Cichlid Fishes from Lake Tanganyika in Eastern Africa.

... indicates that members of the tribe Tropheini may be the sister group of the cichlid flocks of Lakes Malawi and Victoria. Since we published our first Evo in the News story on this topic, scientists have been hunting for more evidence that might back up their hypothesis that the physics of light penetration in the lake has contributed to cichlid speciation through the action of sexual selection — and they have found it. Rather it is a shallower, saucer-shaped lake that lies between the two rift lake valleys. One of the key features of the modern Lake Victoria ecosystem is the narrow range of species of fish. The Great Lakes region of East Africa, including Lake Victoria, is the center of diversity of the mega-diverse cichlid fishes (Perciformes: Teleostei). Home. News update, July 2011. Paleolimnological evidence indicates dramatic desiccation of this lake ca. 24 Apr, 2009. Miyuki Takeda, Junko Kusumi, Shinji Mizoiri ... Abstract. The Lake Victoria Haplochromine cichlids are a unique and highly endangered ‘species flock’ of over 500 historic species of which perhaps 200 remain extant in either the lake, or in captivity (Witte, et al 1992). The Biology of Lake Victoria.

It is the third largest lake in Africa but unlike Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika, it is not a rift lake. Research on the colorful cichlids of Lake Victoria continues!