President Bush suggested in a statement that the assassination was part of a plan by Syria, Iran and its allies to “foment instability and violence” in Lebanon.

1982 September - Pro-Israeli president-elect Bachir Gemayel is assassinated. Date Approved: Nov 23, 2017. Rene Mouawad is killed by a bomb after serving 17 days as president of Lebanon. He is the fifth personality assassinated in Lebanon in one year and the fifth of the Gemayel's family according to his father, former president Amin Gemayel. Happend: November 22, 1989. Younes was assassinated somewhere between the villages of Qaqaiyat al-Jisr and Zutar al-Gharbiyeh in southern Lebanon, an area entirely under Hezbollah’s control. Lebanon president is assassinated. The United States is heavily invested in the survival of Mr. Siniora’s government, which has offered Washington a chance — however faded — to thwart the spread of Iranian influence in the region. Ivory Coast becomes independent from France. History Information.

Ulysses S. Grant dies. More History Facts?

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