Created by Morgan O'Neill. Les Norton (TV series) - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia - Wi Cast announced are Rebel Wilson returning to Australia, David Wenham (a real life redhead) and playing Norton, Alexander Bertrand (Home and Away, upcoming in Australian Gangster, pictured below) Although Les Norton was always a respectable fellow, in the current climate there is a danger that his exploits may be construed negatively, and Screen Australia’s Head of Content, Sally … As Galese’s rival, brothel madam Delores, Rebel Wilson is a baby-faced force to be reckoned with. Les Norton is an Australian television drama series screened on ABC on 4 August 2019. Cast Rebel Wilson, David Wenham, Alexander Bertrand, Hunter Page-Lochard, Justin Rosniak It is adapted from a series of fiction books written by Australian author Robert G. Barrett and stars Alexander Bertrand as the protagonist, Les Norton. Based on Robert G. Barrett's classic Australian novels, Les Norton is the story of a country lad's misadventures as a bouncer at a Kings Cross gambling den in the raucous 1980s. Les Norton 10 episodes, 2019 Kate Box ... Lauren 'Lozza' Johnson 10 episodes, 2019 Hunter Page-Lochard ... Billy Dunne 10 episodes, 2019 Pallavi Sharda ... Georgie Burman 10 episodes, 2019 Syd … Les Norton follows the exploits of a country boy who has escaped a troubled past to find himself in Sydney, working as a bouncer/fixer at the city's most notorious illegal casino in 1985. Alexander Bertrand (centre) stars alongside David Wenham and Rebel Wilson in new ABC drama, Les Norton. With Alexander Bertrand, Kate Box, Hunter Page-Lochard, Pallavi Sharda.