Reporter: The male lion named Makai, seen in this YouTube video, was moved during a routine enclosure cleaning, and according to the sheriff's office, somehow got out and attacks black.

There have been five reported mountain lion attacks on dogs in the Wood River Valley over the last week.

Mountain lion attacks person, bites Colorado deputy trying to help A witness said he saw the mountain lion lunge at the deputy. “If she hadn't put her arm up, I'm pretty sure it would have gotten her neck,” he said.

But instead of attacking Sowerby, the lion appeared to smile at the startled photographer. The latest is the fifth mountain lion attack on dogs in the past week in the Wood River Valley, Fish and Game spokesman Terry Thompson said Monday in a statement. The 35-year-old woman suffered severe face and neck injuries on …

A zookeeper has been critically injured after she was attacked by two lions in Australia, authorities say.