Fancy Bear (also known as APT28 (by Mandiant), Pawn Storm, Sofacy Group (by Kaspersky), Sednit, Tsar Team (by FireEye) and STRONTIUM (by Microsoft)) is a Russian cyber espionage group. Just because you have APT-linked malware variants in your system doesn't mean that you're an APT target. Groups often change their toolsets or exchange them with other groups. In May, the FT reported that hackers had exploited a zero-day vulnerability in WhatsApp , enabling them to eavesdrop on users, read their encrypted chats, turn on the microphone and camera and install spyware that allows even further surveillance.

Ubuntu ‘apt-get’ list of commands (list, update, upgrade, cheatsheet) By Alvin Alexander. Especially CrowdStrike has been very active in researching APT groups and mentioned the following names in passing, in summary reports: Big Panda, Foxy Panda, Hammer Panda, Impersonating Panda, Judgement Panda, Most of the mappings rely on the findings in a single incident analysis. Rise of the Rest: APT Groups No Longer from Just China and Russia. nation states webinar APT. Last updated: November 2, 2019. This list is an intent to map together the findings of different vendors and is not a reliable source. This makes attribution of certain operations extremely difficult. Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has said with a medium level of confidence that it is associated with the Russian military intelligence agency GRU. Mobile implants are now a standard part of the toolset of many APT groups; and we have seen ample evidence of this during 2019.

8 Active APT Groups To Watch Here are eight advanced persistent threat (APT) groups that operate some of the most successful and well-known malware campaigns worldwide.
Apart from all the APT groups profiled in this chapter, there are of course others, but no public information is available about them.

I have a couple of Debian and Ubuntu Linux systems that use the APT package management system, including test servers, production servers, and even Raspberry Pi systems.

April 26, 2018 | by Sarah Geary. But your security team should be aware of this list of the most active APT groups and take extra precautions when they detect malware linked to previous APT attacks.

Attribution is a very complex issue. While Russia and China remain atop the list of the most sophisticated cyber adversaries, FireEye has been observing an uptick in the number of state-sponsored cyber espionage campaigns from other countries. 1 of 9