We don’t care if our towns have hard-to-pronounce names – we know that Rhode Island is the best place to live. It is difficult, we know, that’s why we here at Top 10 Tuesday thought it would be a good idea to list some of the villages/hamlets/towns that cause momentary brain farts for those unfamiliar to our lovely island. And hiccough is 'hic-cup'. There is considerable controversy about how to spell the place – one g, two g’s, apostrophe …

So this is for those people, and those who live on Long Island who can’t pronounce certain town names. Updated May 21, 2019; Posted Oct 06, 2016 . Quogue, Wantagh, Ronkonkoma, Islip, Massapequa…They come with the badge of being a real Long Islander. So, finally to put the record straight, here are the top ten first names which foreigners find it impossible to pronounce (and, the correct way to pronounce them!)
Long Island Towns - list of towns on Long Island, New York including towns in Nassau County, towns in Suffolk County as well as cities, villages, hamlets, designated places and postal zones in LI, NY These Rhode Island towns and communities might have strange names, but they’re all beautiful places to live or visit. As for the “neck,” it’s just another peninsula – this one sticking out into Long Island Sound from the southeast part of The Bronx. A map published by writer Alda Sigmundsdóttir has been widely shared in the past few days. Pronounced "cook-sock-ee" or "cook-sack-ee" depending on what neck of the woods you're from, you can use your imagination to figure out all the different ways that this town is pronounced. It's "Sue Saint Marie." These one-word phrases often describe the characteristics of a designated area, for instance, a "bay" or a "woodland." It seems like HHH may be a town on Long Island, but almost all I could find on it was information about a school district of the same name. Only a true Long Islander will know how to pronounce the following towns so try it out for yourself and see if you can pass the test:
You don’t just come to Long Island and know how to pronounce the town names. Not only is Elalaka, Montana, hard to pronounce, it’s also considered to be one of the strangest town names in Montana, joining the ranks with Crow Agency, Nimrod, Pray, and Two Dot. 10. The English language. Fancy a try?

11. It’s basically a stepping stone for the Throgs Neck Bridge, which links The Bronx with Long Island. The first word of this notable Upper Peninsula town trips many people up. Being born and raised on Long Island, you learn that there are some weird town names on the island. New York places that are hard to pronounce. Here are 15 reasons to prove it. St John, for example, is pronounced 'sin-jun'. The town names on Long Island, New York (similar to those in New England) are derived from Native American sayings.