2009. Some species of trees in Rosa are good host of this beetle. 1987a. Some kind of longhorn beetle. Agric. For. The family includes some of Britain’s most spectacular beetles and there are many even more wonderful species abroad. Longhorn beetles are a very popular group. Rather large insect, about 55 mm with exceptionally long antennae.
Commonly known as Longhorn Beetles, there are nearly 70 known UK species, including some accidental imports. Fish and Wildlife Service, Endangered Species Office, Sacramento, California. The beetle may be the citrus longhorned beetle (CLB), Anoplophora chinensis. Ecology and management of exotic and endemic Asian longhorned beetle Anoplophora glabripennis. Knull, J.N. Full PDF.

valley elderberry longhorn beetle along the Sacramento River, 1985. Sci., 62(2): 105-107, 2 figs. 1966. A new species of Elaphidion from Texas (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). Survey of the valley elderberry longhorn beetle and its habitat along the Cosumnes River, Sacramento County, California. Knull, J.N. ____. 1962. They were the second family of beetles I got interested in after the ground beetles (Carabidae). 11: 359-375. 46 pp + append. Ohio J. Three new species of long-horned beetles from southern Texas with a key to the genus Obrium. Entomol. This now out of date pdf version of the Atlas, produces up to date distribution maps of all the Longhorn beetles recorded in the county over recent years, but does list all the species we can trace as having been recorded in the county. Progress Report prepared for the U.S.
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