$18.00. Across the world, you have tuna species like striped, Southern bluefin, yellowfin, and longtail otherwise known as northern bluefin, plus many others.
Williamson’s inventory of trolling lures covers all the bases and includes feather lures, light trolling lures, soft lures, lure kits and spreader bars & teaser. Add to Compare. How To. This set includes four green machine lures that are 12 inches long. Lures; Jigs; Tuna Jigs; Tuna Jigs.

Our lures are made for the real offshore aficionado.

6" Rigged Cedar Plugs 5 Pieces Tuna Trolling Saltwater Fishing Lures W/Lure Bag . Out Of Stock. Green machine tuna lures come in 9-inch and 12-inch lengths. Make Offer - 6" Rigged Cedar Plugs 5 Pieces Tuna Trolling Saltwater Fishing Lures W/Lure Bag . A wide variety of lure for tuna fishs options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples. Quick View. Tuna Grade Epoxy Jig® Lure for Casting, Troll Scanning, Slow Jigging and Twitchy Jigging for Tuna. Filter by Sort by: JW-A035 250g. Tuna Lures Slant Teasers. Make Offer - (4) 6 1/2 " Squid Lures TUNA/SinkIng LURES MAHI DORADO KING FISH YELLOW TAIL ONO. The Best Tuna Lures. Target Mahi-Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Bonito, Albacore Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mackerel and Marlin. Add to Wishlist. Make The Most Of Your Tuna Fishing Trip . 6 1/2" tuna popper fishing tackle lures tuna mahi dorado king fish yellowtail.

The purpose of the Tuna Terminator Spreader Bar is to create and mimic the exact commotion of bait fish trying to flee the scene from angry and hungry Tuna! Get the best Tuna Lures including Yellowtail tuna, Yellowfintuna, Bluefin tuna, and Albacore tuna at reasonable prices. Make Offer - NEW 5 1/2 Sinking/swimming TUNA LURES MAHI DORADO KING FISH YELLOW TAIL ONO. A quick recap of the different retrieval methods Capt. More Gear. You can select from 4 head color options on most lures and 9 of the industries top fish catching skirt combinations. All of our offshore trolling lures are guaranteed not to chip, break or discolor.

Whether chasing Yellowfin Tuna in the Bahamas channel, Bluefin Tuna in Nova Scotia, or DogFin Tuna in Australia; Bost Lures are the choice for any angler. Tuna Lures For Sale – Check out our range of skirted lures, bibles minnows, poppers and divers below.

Tuna, Ahi, or Poke, no matter what ocean it inhabits, nothing makes a reel scream like one of these pelagics. How To. How to Make a Popping-Cork Lure. Capt. About 76% of these are fishing lures. Out Of Stock. Sort by: JW-A035 250g. The blue/white Ilander is a classic lure, but at times blue and white cedar plugs, skirted ballyhoo, and similar color combos will prove to be a top choice. We take the guesswork out by choosing the right lure profile, size, colour combination and position for optimal success in tuna fishing! Travel. These Put Fish In The Boat! The heads are made with premium-grade vinyl and clear resin. Make Offer - 6" Rigged Cedar Plugs 5 Pieces Tuna Trolling Saltwater Fishing Lures W/Lure Bag .

Quick View. Trolling a yummy flyer under a kite has been a proven method for hooking the bluefin tuna in the 150+-pound range over the past couple years. Recommended Tuna Fishing Lures For Catching Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Albacore & Big Eye Tuna. Filter by. Slant Plungers. Jigging World JW-A069 Tuna Killer Jig. October 20, 2017. Five Artificials to Catch Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna. Tuna Lures Australia. $20.00 19h 25m +$16.00 shipping.

Free shipping on order $99! Add to Compare ... $9.95 $3.00. JW-A043 300g.

Use these five lures when fishing in the mid-atlantic or northern part of the ocean for big tuna. Add to Wishlist. Proven to increase your catch. $10.95 $3.00. new 6 1/2" glowtuna popper fishing tackle lures gt, mahi king fish yellowtail .

By Capt. Try some of these tuna lures the next time you are tuna fishing. This bar should be … The best tuna fishing gear on the market includes stand-up composite rods, machined and anodized aluminum 2-speed reels, braided fishing line, cedar plug lures, kite fishing fly'n fish lures, bullet trolling lures, feathers, jigs, chuggers and poppers. Tides And Time Of Year For Longtail Fishing . $13.00. Add to Compare. Quick view. Nabeel’s Longtail Tuna Lures. make offer - 6 1/2" tuna popper fishing tackle lures tuna mahi dorado king fish yellowtail. Nabeel’s #1 pick is a hand made stickbait that he designed for longtail tuna fishing. Best High Speed Tuna Lures . $24.99 5d 13h …

Tuna Yellow Bullet . Awesome For Larger Tuna. Make Offer - Hawaiian Big Game Marlin Ahi Trolling Lure. Somehow the birds are always there ready and waiting. Includes Yummee Flying Fish Fishing Lures, Tuna Feather Fishing Lures, Carolina Witch, Carolina Lures, Trolling Lures,

New for 2018, the ChatterLures Tuna Terminator Spreader Bar!

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Selecting tuna lures is easy with Zacatak's extensive range of tuna lure packs!

New Products. Note: this goes for billfish, as well as all species of tunas.