Red cats are not their own breed and you can find them in many cat breeds as well as moggies (cats with no pedigree).

They’re called Maneki Neko — a.k.a. Find pets for sale in Kuala Lumpur on, Malaysia's largest marketplace. Dear Guest, Welcome to Official Website of Malaysia Cat Club/Kelab Kucing Malaysia. Puppies for sale, dogs, kittens, cats & more!

Diet of the Golden Cat. Malaysia rescues rare golden cat from pot A rare Asian golden cat in Southern Selangor State on November 6, 2010. The species is endemic to southeast Asia. Happy Buying and Selling!

The agouti gene determines whether a cat has a tabby pattern or not, but the non-agouti gene doesn't work when the red pigment is expressed. An Asian golden cat is currently in treatment after sustaining an injury on the front side of its left leg after being trapped in a boar trap for two days. The Asian or Asiatic golden cat lives in forests of Southeast Asia. Ever wonder if there's a reason for those waving cats you see? Now listing 40 ads. Their specific food preferences vary based on where they live.

Now listing 2741 ads. There are two recognized subspecies: C. t. temminckii (Sumatra and Malay Peninsula) and C. t. moormensis (Nepal to Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, their populations are classified as near threatened or vulnerable. 1:34. Follow our links to find out more about Malaysia Cat club, the staff, activities, projects, events and have a tour through our malaysia cat gallery.Updates on the latest events and activities will be posted below and on our facebook page.

Golden cats are beautiful, medium-sized wild cats that live in Asia and Africa. Although some red cats (usually dilutes) may appear to be a solid color, upon closer examination, you will see the pale stripes, whorls, or spots of the tabby. Price: $800 – $1,200 One of the youngest cat breeds around, the American Curl is distinguished by its back-curled ears. The Asian species has spotty distribution across southeast Asia. You may want a red cat that has tiger stripes or one with spots or patches. Like most of the members of their family, these cats are carnivores and eat meat. Big ones, little ones, young ones, old ones, wriggly ones, galloping ones, fury ones, slimy ones - basically all pets. 5 Interesting Facts About Maneki Neko Cats AKA Lucky Cats. If you are looking for a lovely ginger cat, you will have a wide variety of breeds and coats to choose from.

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