If making at home, the dough etc. They key to make good masala peanuts is simplicity. Adding masala peanuts will also work instead of plain peanuts. This preparation of spicy masala peanuts is an absolute delight. let it cool down and then grind them to a coarse powder . After roasting do not immediately grind the masala . Quality of these products is always maintained at our end. It takes me back in time, about 12 years ago when I was in junior college. They have got different culinary usage. On top of mixture sprinkle peanuts, coconut, pomegranate seeds, raisins, half of sev and cilantro. in other words, the dabeli masala spice mix adds the necessary flavour and taste to the dabeli stuffing. If you can find masala peanuts- roast them in the microwave and add red chili powder, cumin coriander powder, dabeli masala, salt , and a pinch of sugar.

Mix well and turn off the flame. As I mentioned, Dabeli has many components, but if planned well, this can be a quick to put together snack. This popular recipe originated in Kutch ( Kachcha ) region of India so it’s called Kutchi Dabeli. You find street vendors with big platter of dabeli masala and stacks of garnishes across many street corners of Mumbai, Pune and cities across Maharashtra and Gujarat. For dabeli we use separate dabeli masala prepared using different spices and masala powders. My mom used dabeli masala bought from a local lahri in India, you can easily find dabeli masala at any Indian grocery stores. in addition the stuffing is added with pomegranate or anardhana seeds and spiced masala peanuts. Dabeli is a spicy potato mixture combined with onions, cilantro, garlic chutney, crunchy peanuts and pomegranate seeds. Finishing school and entering the college life was an amazing experience.
Masala Peanuts.

In this Dabeli recipe, I have made dabeli masala, peanut masala for dabeli and potato filling for dabeli. So without wasting our time let's go to our kitchen and prepare spicy masala peanuts.

The bread buns can either be made at home or purchased from a store. If mixture is too dry, add some water. can be done in advance. Dry roast the red chilli, cumin, cloves , cinnamon, coriander seeds and tej patta saunf. 7 Masala Peanuts:- dry roast the peanuts in a pan, let it cool down and remove the skin. Add a little water if the mixture feels too thick. It is very popular street food …

Taste and adjust the flavours. Dabeli filling which is nothing but a potato mixture . TIP: Prepare the different elements e.g. masala peanuts, dabeli masala powder, both chutneys and boiled potato ahead of time or day before. Some masala peanuts. Add the dabeli masala and mix well. Dabeli is a spicy potato mixture combined with onions, cilantro, garlic chutney, crunchy peanuts and pomegranate seeds. ! In this video i will show you how to make masala peanuts which is used in dabeli and other snacks. Stir the mixture with your hands to combine everything. Step by Step Photos Above Want to make it perfect first time? You can also buy readymade dabeli masala which can be found in any grocery store.