The face is reddish buff.

Masked Owl - Tyto novaehollandiae by Nature Sounds published on 2012-08-25T13:04:37Z Masked Owl - Tyto novaehollandiae recorded near Hasties Swamp National Park.

Distribution Extends from the coast where it is most abundant to the western plains. The chest is white with darker flecks. I've seen many Barn Owls here & in UK. The upper parts vary from blackish-brown to grey-white and are liberally spotted with grey and white. The background is removed by hand, to create a clean transparent background. Masked & Barn Owl identification: From: "Simon Clayton" < > Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 10:33:39 +1100: Hi David, It took me a while to confirm our resident Tytos were Masked. Reddish buff below, with some speckling. The Masked Owl usually roosts in vertical hollows in large trees growing in open forests and woodlands, but on the Nullarbor Plain, where there are no large trees, and very few trees at all, instead they roost in caves, sinkholes or crevices in the limestone cliffs; this habit has led to the species sometimes being referred to as the ‘Cave Owl’, although Barn Owls sometimes also roost in caves, leading to potential … The Andaman masked owl (Tyto deroepstorffi) is a barn owl endemic to the southern Andaman Islands, an archipelago between India and Myanmar, in the Bay of Bengal. It is the largest subspecies of the Australian masked owl, the largest Tyto owl in the world, and is sometimes considered a full species.

Barn-owls (family Tytonidae) are one of the two families of owls, the other being the true owls or typical owls, Strigidae.They are medium to large owls with large heads and characteristic heart-shaped faces.

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Regarded by some authors as a subspecies of the common barn owl (Tyto alba), it is recognized by others as a species in its own right. 5X Added to favorites . The ashy-faced owl, which was once though to be a barn owl subspecies, is found in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 5X Added to favorites . A barn owl (Tyto alba), glowing white in the setting sun, passing straight over our heads. Distribution: Endemic to the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea.

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The range of the Masked Owl is a broad coastal band around most of mainland Australia and throughout Tasmania, and for the most part is less than 300 km from the coast. This owl was previously widespread in Tasmania. Found throughout the country, the species prefers more open habitats than the forest home of the closely related masked owl.

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Australian masked owl (Tyto novaehollandiae) Scientific classification; Kingdom: Animalia: Phylum: Chordata: Class: Aves: Order: Strigiformes: Family: Tytonidae Ridgway, 1914: Genera; Tyto Phodilus For fossil genera, see article.