With that in mind, let's see what the world of the hired sword has to offer in RTW. In the Roman Army the mercenaries received a salary, weapons, clothing, and other necessities from the state. ‘The profession of mercenary is one of the oldest in the world.’ ‘She was a soldier, a mercenary, a spy on a mission to save the world.’ ‘The player is always a soldier, a mercenary on the player's base.’ ‘Unlike mercenaries, soldiers need to know when they go to battle that they are going there for a purpose.’ There are mercenaries for hire in every single region in Rome: Total War. Learn.

It is not known if earlier Greek armies and navies, such as the Minoans and Mycenaeans, used mercenaries. The tyrants of that time hired bodyguards from other city-states. merc definition: Noun (plural mercs) 1. A mercenary is someone who will carry out combat missions but aren't part of an official organization, like the military, or CIA and are usually not motivated by justice or an allegiance. Ancient Rome- Definitions. Match. Spell. mercenary definition: 1. interested only in the amount of money that you can get from a situation: 2. a soldier who…. Cretan Archers Edit. They had seen their fields pillaged, their treasures plundered, and their neighbors killed. Legions.

an ancient Roman road in Italy. Gravity.

To many Romans, the same barbarians so admired for their military prowess were also the enemy. In Rome mercenary armies developed after the Second Punic War (218–201 B.C. hcps-esteslh. A professional soldier hired for service in a foreign army. Ideas of March. One who serves or works merely for monetary gain; a hireling. The origin is from the noun, mercenary. mercenary meaning: 1. interested only in the amount of money that you can get from a situation: 2. a soldier who…. Test.
(slang) A mercenary.Riddick, on the run from the law and evading mercs eager to claim the price on his head...Noun (plural Mercs) 2.

Rome’s citizens, especially in the frontier provinces, had seen cities burned by barbarians. hired to serve in a foreign army, guerrilla organization, etc.

2. Slaves. The transition from a citizen’s army to a very nearly mercenary one did not go smoothly. J. Caesar assassinated by the Senate. Learn more. There is evidence of mercenaries (misthophoroi in Greek) being hired in Ancient Greece from the 6th century BC. ies 1. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für mercenary im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch).

PLAY. Although expensive to hire, they can be very useful if you need troops in a hurry, are a long way from home, or simply need a different kind of unit for the next stage of your campaign. plwordnet-defs [adjective] serving for wages in a foreign army; "mercenary killers" Synonyms: free-lance(a) ; freelance(a) ; serving for wages in a foreign army; "mercenary killers" Example sentences with "mercenary(a)", translation memory. World History 1. Appian Way.

A noble of Ancient Rome. STUDY. Mercenary Definition Rome Video Download 3GP, MP4, HD MP4, And Watch Mercenary Definition Rome Video

(They are usually motivated by profit) Activities associated with these "rogue agents" or "guns for hire" usually involve violence, and often killing. How to use mercenary in a sentence. If they felt a certain distrust of barbarian soldiers, they came by it naturally. Terms in this set (25) Republic. Armies. Mercenary definition is - one that serves merely for wages; especially : a soldier hired into foreign service. mercenary meaning: 1. interested only in the amount of money that you can get from a situation: 2. a soldier who….

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mercenary definition: The definition of mercenary is someone whose only motivation to do a job is the money they would be paid.

working or acting merely for money or other reward; venal. Recruited from Crete and the surrounding Hellenic lands, these archers are without doubt the best archery unit in Rome: Total War. People who worked for rich for free.

Mercenary equivalent of Hoplites. ), when the economic ruin of the free peasantry led to the organization of a professional army to replace the former militia of a slaveholding society. Patricians .