As of 0.7.7, if you right click while holding a tarantula silk for the flycatcher recipe, it shows a golden shovel instead of a fly swatter. Minion fuels are items that can be used to speed up the production rate of Minions. 50% Upvoted.
I don't really see how this helps the minion though. My Discord: Email … The Minion Expander also gives a quarter of the speed buff, but makes the minion have a larger block placement radius, allowing you to sometimes mine the blocks and get the resource for some extra experience points. How to get the FASTEST Minion speeds | Minion expander buff (Hypixel Skyblock) DISCORD: (JOIN THE GIVEAWAY) [OPEN BELOW] SUBSCRIBE: SHIELD Minions Get A Massive Buff!

Dec 1, 2019 #13 SimonDMCPlayer said: grandmastergoose said: i heard it increases minion speed by %5 Click to expand... Don't necro Click to … Buff, Debuff, Spell 71 files. I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI; 3.9: 3.9: 3.5: 3.5: 3.1: 3.1: 2.7: 2.7: 2.3: 2.3: 1.9: Trivia . 3 comments. Players used to be able to be make Hot Potato Books by buying the resources from the Farm Merchant for 59,748.3333 coins. Action Bar Mods 44 files.

Combat Mods 98 files. These fuels can last for either a limited amount of time, or an infinite amount of time. Chat Mods 109 files. ... Minion Expanders now buff minions speed by 5%; Click to expand... 3 3ICE New Member. So there is an upgrade called the minion expander that you unlock when gathering 50k nether quartz.

Just follow the simple prompts and Minion will find your games and AddOns. © 2020 Hypixel Black.

History Edit. This thread is archived. Special usage column indicates when the fuel affects the efficiency of the minion. Character Advancement 107 files. If you have multiple minions, just divide the number of days by how many minions you have. Thats is to say a character with +1 health added to it now has 6 health, not 5+1 health.

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Not affiliated with Hypixel or Mojang. Casting Bars, Cooldowns 46 files. Thread starter xBugzilla; Start date Jun 23, 2019 Status Not open for further replies.

Minion Expander. Question about buffing minions? The rate of the minion is the same as far as I know. Should buffing a minion be treating as an expander more than and addition? Let's talk about what has changed and test out some gameplay ms. buff reeves Lily dresses up. Bags, Bank, Inventory 228 files. New UPDATE in HYpixel Skyblock The things are as follows: Hey Everyone! Class & Role Specific. So if a minion is damaged to 3, and I silence it, it will not drop to 2, but simply not be able to go back to 6? FAQ; Changelog; Fortnite Black; Developed by Connor Linfoot share. Minion Addon Manager Review Questions; Auction House & Vendors 44 files. 3ICE Joined Aug 1, 2019 Messages 24 Reactions 6. It increases the minion field from 5 by5 to 7 by 7. - Marvel Strike Force Patch 1.4 The SHIELD minions have received a HUGE buff in today's brand new Marvel Strike Force patch! It is the only tiered Armor in the game, crafted with 12 tiers. The Minion Expander is a Minion upgrade that increases minion's usable area from 5x5 to 7x7 and minion collection rate by 5%.

A list of all the fuels in the game, including how long they last for (real-time), and how much the minion is sped up by.

The Perfect Armor is one of the most difficult armor sets to acquire in the game, giving an extreme amount of defense. The effect of multiple Minion Expanders stacks up to the current maximum of two minion upgrades, which results in a usable area of 9x9 and a 10.25% collection rate buff. In this video I show you the best minions to craft and upgrade so that you can advance through Hypixel Skyblock.