VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. The renowned Robert Frost wrote the poem “The Runaway” about a young Morgan … This sturdy young stallion named Figure, quickly gained a reputation as being able to out pull, out trot, out run and basically outperform all the other horses of his time, regardless of their size or pedigree.

Though the horse died in 1821,

A note: Marsha Valance was just recently in a car accident and is unable to follow through in her advocacy for this; she is asking … Morgan Horse History.

Morgan Horse Farm Timeline: Colonel Joseph Battell commissions the Weybridge Stock Farm in 1878 To house his collection of the era's finest Morgans. I have always been fascinated by Morgans, because while they are well loved and popular, they often have been blocked from the limelight by breeds such as the American Quarter Horse, and thus, have an air of mystery that still surrounds them. The Morgan declined in popularity, and for a while breeding was supervised by the government. The Morgan is among the oldest of the American horse breeds. #7 – Poetry Muse. with a bay-two-year old colt taken as payment of a debt. As was the practice of the day, Figure became known by his owner's name, the Justin Morgan horse. Page Transparency See More. Morgan Horses trace back to 1789 when the first stallion of the breed was born. The Morgan Horse is a breed of domesticated American horses that are named after an eighteenth-century musician.

Spanning more than 110 years, discover more about the unique and fascinating history of the Morgan Motor Company. The Morgan Horse is the state animal for Vermont and the state horse of Massachusetts. 1907 it became the US Government Morgan Farm, A cavalry remount High-Percentage Foundation Morgan Horses. A History and tradition of the Morgan Horse The Morgan tradition started when a man named Justin Morgan brought a young stallion to Vermont in the late 1700’s.

The Morgan horse came into being in the late eighteenth century and grew in popularity throughout the nineteenth century. The Morgan Horse excels in harness, and this made it an excellent horse for harness racing and pulling coaches, its main uses in the 19th century. The blood of the Morgan horse breed contributed to the establishment of many other breeds of from the US, including the Tennessee Walking horse, Standardbred horse, the Saddlebred..
From Marsha Valance, Morgan historian.

In 1791 Justin Morgan, a singing school master in Randolph, walked home from Springfield, MA. Membership. Morgan Horse History has 998 members.

That colt he called Figure, soon created a legend for his ability to out work, out run, out trot, and out walk any horse in the area.