Moroccan uromastyx (Uromastyx acanthinura) Note that because the majority of uromastyx sold in the pet trade are wild-caught, the availability of different species varies. Uromastyx species are adapted to arid regions and are found from northwestern India throughout southwestern Asia and the Arabian Peninsula to the Sahara of Africa. Moroccan Uromastyx (Uromastyx acanthinurus) are real sun worshipers, they spend a large proportion of their day basking in the sun. Largest online selection of exotic, captive bred Reptile Pets including Pythons, Boas, Colubrids and Lizards. They originate from Morocco, Libya, Niger and Sudan establishing themselves in hilly, rocky areas with good shelter and accessible vegetation. Uromastyx acanthinurus have not been imported from Morocco for several years, however, a few animals occasionally come from Europe and a only two private breeders are known to occasionally produce captive born animals.

Mali uromastyx are a medium sized lizard, with males occasionally exceeding 16 inches in total length. Q: Approximately how long, on a consistent diet, does it take for a Uromastyx to reach full grown size? Uromastyx FAQ part 1. by: Michael L. Fagre with the help of: Randall L. Gray, Philippe de Vosjoli, Matthew Moyle, and the readers of The Uromastyx Home Page.

Uromastyx aegypticus is hardier and with proper treatment adapts to captivity. With proper care these animals can easily live in excess of 15 years. Size and Longevity. Mali Uromastyx Uromastyx maliensis $149.99. has amazing Uromastyx for sale including Arabian Blue, Moroccan, Egyptian, and more. Product Description. The Somalian uromastyx (U. macfadyeni) is blue while the Saharan or Niger uromastyx (U. gehryi) is red. When you buy a uromastyx from us, live arrival is guaranteed!

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Uromastyx maliensis DESCRIPTION: Adult DISPAR Uromastyx ranging in size from 6" to 8"..

They are a very striking reptile, and different morphs are being developed, such as enhancing the usually muted red coloration or developing deep green instead of blue.

There are at least 18 species of Uromastyx.

Joel Needham 926 views. See the Reptilles Database for descriptions and pictures of the 18 species of Uromastyx . Largest Reptile Classifieds site in the world. They range in size from 10” in total length (U. ornata) to up to 24” in the larger species (U. aegypticus). Size & Coloration. Omani uromastyx Uromastyx thomasi $999.99.