It is not always easy to see, because it often feeds very high in the trees. A Mountain Chickadee nest in Truckee, CA. Celebrate Urban Birds Habitat Network NestWatch Project Feederwatch. Your Data All About Birdhouses Managing House Sparrows and European Starlings FAQs. Citizen Science Programs. About Us Code of Conduct Nest Monitoring Protocol How To Find Nests Focal Species. This is a live feed. However, except during the nesting season, any mixed flock of small birds moving through the highland pines is likely to include a nucleus of Mountain Chickadees.

Place 1" … This download contains two plans: one traditional nest box, and one PVC nest tube. Incubation of 7 eggs began on 5/24/2020. Download a Nest Box Plan for Mountain Chickadee; NestWatch. Chickadees seem to prefer the nest tube, but a traditional nest box is also used by chickadees and other small songbirds.

Mountain chickadees prefer coniferous forests at elevations of 6,000-11,000 ft. Almost throughout the higher mountains of the West, this chickadee is common in the conifer forests.