Answer Save. As for treats, they can have very small amounts of unhealthy things like ice cream or fruit. General. can we give him little bits at a time (like once a day) Answer Save. Useful links. Naru. Tech Support. Ferret Adoptions .

If you think your ferret ate quite a lot of chocolate, take him right away to the vet. For perspective, the average ferret weighs about 1.5 lbs. Ferret Talk Stickies. On the other hand things like chocolate, dairy and cheese should be kept away from ferrets. Make sure that you keep your candies and chocolate away from your pets. Color Chart-- Black Mitt-- Black Sable-- Champagne-- Chocolate-- Dark-eyed White-- Sable-- Sable Point. How much should my ferret weight? I've read that it's not always poisonous and my sister says it looks like she ate about an ounce. If the ferret ate too much chocolate, he may die from cardiac arrest. I know it's poisonous for them, so I was wondering if dog chocolate will do? Although tolerance varies in small animals, the minimum lethal dose is about .1 oz [1/10 of an ounce] of baking chocolate or 2 oz. Paired … Can I give my ferret dog chocolate? General Store. My mom threw out this chocolate bar that my ferrets found and that i keep as a treat for them(i know, chocolate for ferrets, what the hell, i know) so there just trying to get it back. All of these items are loaded with complex carbohydrates and a ferret's strictly carnivorous digestive tract cannot process these foods. 10 Answers.

Natural Diet. [Chocolate can also affect the kidneys and liver]. Since he wasn't exposed to any other types of food, he's now uninterested in them. I doubt that amount of milk chocolate will cause any problems but I would call a vet and see what they say because ferrets are small and it would take less theobromine to cause issues than it would in a dog or cat. Only give him healthy food, like meat and food pellets. and a normal dose of chocolate is about 50 grams (1.6 oz. I recommend you to substitute the chocolate for something less greasy, like jelly beans or some little fruits like banana, apple, and peach. I'm looking for a good treat for my ferret, as he's very picky and I've noticed he loves chocolate sweets. My ferret ate some of sucker yesterday and he was fine, ... Nameless. my ferret is addicted to it. It's the sugar that's bad for them and dog chocolate is sugar free. Contact Us.

Enrichment. Favorite Answer. My ferret is a Petco-rescue. However, if your ferret still ends up eating some, you have something to worry about. He needs to get medical attention as soon as possible, especially if he ate a whole chocolate bar. This ferret has a full mask and the guard hairs are the color of milk chocolate. National Ferret Day! Ferrets have a quick maturity system that he can reproduce at the age of 4 months. Guest Board. Ferrets do not have the enzyme they need to digest lactose; hence anything dairy is toxic for them. It's a great sorce of information. Just make sure that there is no chocolate in it, as it can be deadly! Ferrets make for popular pets, as they are low maintenance and do not require a lot of living space. Chocolate Bruce S. Levine, DVM and Dr. Fred Soifer, DVM cannot recommend chocolate as a safe treat. He ate less than half a Hershey kiss.

In ferrets, this depends on a number of elements. Firstly, the type of chocolate and secondly, your ferret’s size. Chocolate. I've tried feeding him egg, chicken breast, and a couple types of cold cut in my desperation but he rejected all of them, wouldn't even lick it. Diet Transitions. Sensory. If your ferret likes to eat chocolates because of their sweetness, he probably won’t eat dark chocolate as it is bitter rather than sweet. Some say your ferret should never eat dairy products, chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallows, soft drinks, ice cream or chips. 5 years ago. Welcome to the forum. If your ferret weighs approximately 2 pounds, it may be able to manage only an ounce of chocolate or 2 ounces of milk chocolate. Please get the book ferrets for dummies. Lv 7. How to Bond With Your Ferret.

What foods should I not feed my ferret? Ferrets should not eat sugary cereal, peanut butter, grains, corn, rice, carbohydrates, raisins, bananas, other fruits, vegetables, dairy products, chocolate, other sweets, or any food with sugar. Watch out for the symptoms, too. Go Shopping! No definitive studies exist at this time to determine how toxic theobromine is to ferrets. Forum Announcements and Rules. Vet Symposia. Support Our Sponsors. He wasn't given anything raw or natural in his first 4 months, just Marshall kibble.

Training tips. Ferret Talk. Ensure that your pet only consumes high protein meat and ferret food that fits his diet. Our larger mass means that the same quantity of theobromine will have less of an effect on us than on a considerably smaller ferret. The worst thing you can do to your ferret is to feed him your leftover food. I left my ferret alone for a few minutes to check on something, and when I came back she had gotten into my sister's chocolate stash. of milk chocolate for a ferret weighing 2 lbs. Relevance. Never give chocolate as treats, too.