It can be prepared as soon as the batter is ready. For kids, you can serve this dosa with coconut milk or milk … Cook for 2 minutes and the open the lid and fols the dosa like handkerchief and transfer to a serving plate. Overview. Dosa is high in carbohydrates and contains no added sugars or saturated fats. Neer dosa and Mango Rasayana combo are one of the local favorites in Udupi, India. The non-vegetarians enjoy it with chicken curry, mutton curry, fish curry or egg curry.They can be enjoyed even after they turn cold, so it works best as an option for lunch box. Literally it means water dosa and is a crepe made out of rice flour & coconut. Neer Dosa is a very popular, thin and gluten free dosa / pancake/ crepe prepared using rice batter in Mangalore, Udupi region of Karnataka.This dosa requires no fermentation. Dosa Side Dishes While sambar and the conventional (white) coconut chutney are usually the most common accompaniments for the dosa (especially during breakfast), we’ve put together a bunch of recipes from across South India that make the perfect accompaniment for dosa.

Usually neer dosa is served with coconut chutney, sambar, saagu and non vegetarian curries like chicken, mutton, fish and egg curry.. It is made with just 3 ingredients – rice, salt and water.
I use long grain white rice (mahatma brand), sona masoori, or idli rice. an easy, crisp and healthy dosa recipe made with powdered oats, rava and rice flour. Method Heat a sauce pan, smear with oil and pour a laddle full of batter randomly and swirl the gently and cover it with a lid. Neer dosa are easy to prepare as fermentation is not required. You can also soak the rice overnight. Rice Used For Neer dosa. Enjoy with any spicy chutney or vegetable stew. ‘Neer’ means water in local language. Unlike the other versions of South Indian dosa, this dosa is made without any lentils and needs no fermentation. Neer dosa is called bari-akki dosa (raw rice dosa) because it is made of only rice & needs no fermentation. Serve it with hot coconut chutney.

Though it is simple, batter consistency plays a major role in preparing this dosa.

instant neer dosa recipe | neer dose with rice flour | ghavan recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. 1. Neer dosa recipe / neer dose in Kannada must be familiar to many of you. Neer Dosa Recipe | Authentic neeru dose recipe with step by step photos: Neeru dosa or Neer dosa , a pride of Udupi-Mangalore cuisine is popular all over India.This is one breakfast item that is prepared atleast 3 days in a week in Udupi Mangalore and surrounding regions.Making Neeru dosa … The vegetarians enjoy Neer dosa with spicy tomato chutney or coconut chutney, saagu, sambar, rasayana (mango with coconut milk) or a sweet mixture of jaggery and fresh coconut. Any type of white rice is good to use for this dosa. neer dosa is ideal south indian breakfast recipe which can be enjoyed with coconut based curries, chutney recipes or even popular chicken curry or kori gassi recipe.

Tips To Make The Best Neer Dosa The softness is amazing and the mild flavor with a hint of coconut is what makes you go back for more & more. One home made plain dosa without oil contains about 112 calories, of which 84% is carbohydrates and 16% proteins.
Neer means water in tulu & dosa refers to a traditional Indian crepe. As its key ingredients are rice and black gram, it is also a good source of protein. the recipe is very similar to the popular rava dosa and can be easily said as an extension to it. Neer dosa recipe / neer dose in Kannada must be familiar to many of you. Neer dosa is a soft and " melt-in-you- mouth" dosa and there is no better way to describe it. oats dosa recipe | instant oats rava dosa | oats onion dosa with detailed photo and video recipe. The fermentation process increases the vitamin B and vitamin C content. Its one of the most popular dosa varieties of Karnataka's Udupi & Mangalore regions. It tastes the best with coconut chutney or veg curry. you just need to soak the rice for about 4 to 5 hours and then grind it. Unlike other dosas neer dosa is known for its simple preparation method and lack of fermentation. If the batter is thick, then the dosa wont taste good. Neer is the word for water in Tulu language.. In konkani it is called panpolo. Ingredients. Apart from coconut chutney, Neer dosa can also be served with veg sagu or vegetable kurma or potato kurma.