Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Hercules defeats him in battle and saves Megara from him, but it is later revealed that Megara had been sent by Hades to recruit Nessus for his cause. Olympus Join Hercules on his epic adventure as he courageously battles Hades and his deadly forces Nessus, Cyclops, Hydra, and the Titans! Nessus is a large centaur, who is known as the "River Guardian". Nessus appears as an antagonist in the Disney movie Hercules voiced by Jim Cummings. For ages 4 years and older One night, while drunk, he told Deianeira that he was better than Hercules. Disney 23,737,229 views. Megara was sent by Hades to recruit Nessus for his army. The Mighty Hercules must prove he is a true hero before he can safely return to Mt. Nessus is a large centaur who is known as the "River Guardian". Nessus (known as the "River Guardian ") is a large centaur and a minor villain of Disney's 1997 film Hercules. Images of Nessus from Hercules. Later, he tried to rape Deianeira but Hercules … In exchange for his service, he wanted her to be his lover, but Meg's refusal only made him more persistent. Nessus the centaur was a farmhand who worked for Hercules and Deianeira. Disney Sing-A-Long S1 • E33 Hercules | Zero to Hero | Lyric Video | Disney Sing Along - Duration: 2:17. In the film, he is portrayed as a lecherous river guardian and is Hercules's first major opponent. He was a devout worshipper of Hera and he was extremely jealous of Hercules. He is a minor villain in the film Hercules.