Harry is raised by Newt and Tina, and he picked his dad love. 9 Newt Scamander Text Book.

* Albus defended Newt to MACUSA * Albus and Newt were both involved in the capture of Grindelwald. Harry Potter and friends decide to skip the last year of Hogwarts to pursue Voldemort and bring about his destruction. The British actor made the admission while appearing on BBC Radio 4’s latest Desert Island Discs. This is in Harry Potter timeline HOxLL Weasley (bar bill, Charlie, and the Twins), Dumbledore, Black, and Lupin bashing. Une trilogie de films spin-off vient tout juste d'être annoncée. Harry Potter : La saga Harry Potter n'est pas terminée ! - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 2 (A Peck of Owls) However, due to Dumbledore’s defense of him, Harry was proven innocent and never expelled, so he continued to attend Hogwarts with no gap in his studies. Daniel Radcliffe has blamed the role of Harry Potter for turning him into an alcoholic. He was alive, indeed he appeared on the marauders map in 1993/1994. Harry and his friends have a castle at the hand and what kind of trouble will the get into. One of the more subtle nods to the Harry Potter universe is the fact that the movies follow the author of one of the most read books in the wizarding world. The book in question, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was Published in 1927 and would go on to become a standard textbook at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for decades. Newt Scamander made a cameo appearance in one of the original Harry Potter movies, fans have just realized. Possibly to visit Dumbledore as I believe they were on good terms.