He made the unreleased documentary, Nutcracker Inc., and is the drink’s unofficial historian. Nutcrackers are made and sold illicitly mainly in black and Hispanic communities of New York City..

The drinks are made and sold by private individuals, often to … Made with several spirits mixed with sickly sweet juices, Kool Aid or candy, the drink is NYC’s other indigenous alcoholic beverage created by Dominicans in the city’s Upper West Side: Washington Heights. Nutcrackers, illegal boozy drinks sold on NYC beaches and in parks, remain a summer staple. Our documentary film, Getting to The Nutcracker, takes you inside the Herculean effort involved in gathering the resources, assembling the volunteers, casting the dancers, rehearsing and staging the performances of this classic ballet. For the uninitiated, the Nutcracker is the new crack, the new moonshine and the new Viagra if you believe its hawkers and imbibers. A nutcracker is a type of alcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of hard liquor and sugary beverages such as fruit juice. Here's an inside look at the business behind it.