A single Windows Desktop can then been seen across the entire display so applications can be run in full-screen mode across multiple displays. Hello, I have 3 monitors 1080p and i wanna to turn on surround 1st: MSI MAG24C 1080p 144hz 2nd and 3rd: DELL U2414H 1080p 60hz all connected to DisplayPort my GPU: RTX2060 my max resolution with surround is 3840x1024 75hz instead of 5760x1080 60hz !!!! NVIDIA Surround is able to set up 3 projectors in horizontal span mode. Nvidia’s solution is called “Surround” and your Nvidia GPU needs to have it. Pretend the 4th one (top one in the image) doesn't exist, and that the monitors on the side are in landscape mode. NVIDIA, not to be outdone, has NVIDIA Surround for multi-monitor gaming, which supports up to five displays and even 4K resolutions (on high end cards, of course.) Also, while the laptop screen is chosen now, it's greyed out and is permanently selected. To do this, find the 3D Settings option on the left hand menu and select ‘Configure Surround, PhysX’. Now the problem is that surround will still only allow 2 screens and not all 3. I want to get them working with Surround even though they are two different resolutions.

all three monitors should use their HDMI port or their DP port, don't mix and match ports on the monitor side). It seems there’s a number of people having issues getting the 3-screen HD or 5760 x 1080 nvidia full HD surround working with three different monitors. Only two monitors show up.

While triple monitors allow you to span the game across all your displays—using the Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefininity settings—dual monitors don't work as … One word of advice: 1) Regardless of which ports you use on the GPU side, make sure you use the same ports on the monitor side for all 3 monitors (i.e. For Nvidia graphics cards, you need to enable Surround. Do note that Nvidia supports up to 5 monitors in the surround setup.

This is done through your Nvidia or AMD control panel. See screenshot.

The third one is unchecked, saying "only two monitors can be selected". I'm trying to get Nvidia Surround to work across all three but only get an option to enable surround for the two Acer monitors and Laptop Display is greyed out. As is the case with the previous setup, we recommend the Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme.

Looking at the setting all 3 run the same resolution, refresh rate and following the below guide now … Step Four: So now we’re all set up for using three monitors for everyday use, it’s time to configure them for gaming. The reason for this is display quality/color matching varies depending on the port. It is possible to get 5760 x 1080 full HD surround with NVIDIA graphics cards using three different monitors. Meaning I can pick any of the other 2 external displays but not all 3 :/ I've heard of this issue before last year with the drivers being the issue. If you want to hook up 5 monitors in a surround setup (one seamless desktop and gaming experience) you need two RTX 2080Ti in SLI mode.

What I'm going for is having Nvidia Surround with just 3 monitors. !

Just like the image below, except my middle monitor is wider at 2560x1080.. NVIDIA Surround lets you group three monitors or projectors to form a single spanned display. I saw on some other forums that's it's a … And that only works in SLI. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need three identical monitors at all. Nvidia geforce experience & nvidia control panel not working. Like Eyefinity, Surround supports multiple monitors as well as 3D gaming.